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Impeach in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-01-06Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: accusearraignchargedenounceindictreproachSimilar words: impeachmentpeacheachpeacebeachreachteachteacherMeaning: [ɪm'pɪːtʃ]  v. 1. challenge the honesty or veracity of 2. charge (a public official) with an offense or misdemeanor committed while in office 3. bring an accusation against; level a charge against. 
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(1) The committeedecided to impeach the President.
(2) They're going to impeach him.
(3) They will decide this week whether to impeach him.
(4) He tried to impeach Mr Premadasa, accusing the president of corruption.
(5) Four Patriotic Accord deputies began immediate moves to impeach eight Supreme Court judges on the grounds of incompetence.
(6) Congress voted to impeach the President, but he resigned before any action was taken.
(7) Impeach of manager of his decision whereaboutldirection attendants this.
(8) We must impeach the judge for taking bribes.
(9) The angry congressman wanted to impeach the President.
(10) Do you impeach my motive?
(11) Do you impeach my motives?
(12) If the House votes to impeach, managers are selected to present the case to the Senate.
(13) The actual market has long been abandoned impeach solar photovoltaic power station roof and network approach.
(14) Dare to impeach the traitorous minister and advocate of anti - gold, against the peace negotiation.
(15) Are you brave enough to impeach or disclose the units or individuals that contaminate environment?
(16) Richard M. Nixon: They cant impeach me for bombing Cambodia. The president can bomb anybody he likes.
(17) The lawyers tried to impeach the credibility of the witnesses.
(18) On one hand impeach Lv, to reforming progress the prospect worries(, fear the road of retrogression.
(19) Blagojevich says the decision to impeach was not a surprise.
(20) Richard M. Nixon: They can't impeach me for bombing Cambodia.
(21) If Mr Wahid's response is unsatisfactory, parliament can call a special session to impeach him and demand his dismissal.
(22) And the nation cheered when the Supreme Court and the Senate voted last week to impeach him.
(23) There he eavesdrops on his colleagues as they attempt to impeach him.
(24) Guimaraes had emerged from near retirement to play a prominent public role in the process to impeach Collor.
(25) During that meeting, the opposition party put forward a proposal to impeach the President.
(26) Several key US Republican Congressmen were caught in disagreement over how to impeach President Clinton.
(27) The police should open sheet to report on the spot him, he pollutes impeach environment.
(28) She will be in a state of mind to impeach the justice of the Republic.
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