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Illusive in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-03-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: illusiondisillusionelusivedisillusionedinclusiveexclusivereclusiveconclusiveMeaning: [ɪ'luːsɪv]  adj. based on or having the nature of an illusion. 
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1 Atheism is against God-based religion which is illusive, mysterious and dogmatic, and which has convinced people to believe in something that is imaginative, incomprehensive and inconceivable. Dr T.P.Chia 
2 Getting rich is sometimes an illusive goal.
3 I don't wanna hear too much illusive words.
4 Social morality is illusive and difficult to define.
5 Illusive Man : And it's up to us to stop them.
6 People will find themselves in a mysterious and illusive universe while walking in.
7 From which we find: First, illusive statement exists in quantitative information and qualitative information in annals.
8 A sees a teacher nod greatly say: " Illusive. "
9 Now and then make me gutty and illusive, we are the children that orphanage treats person adopt, want with destiny make a stand against but so faint however.
10 As Mark Darcy, Firth played an illusive dreamboat named after his own television triumph as Austen's hero; Grant's portrayal of the caddish Daniel Cleaver was an amused nod at his own popular persona.
11 The reason that happiness can seem illusive is because it is a bi-product of serving others.
12 We refuse to partake in the production of illusive advertisements.
13 We know the secret reason, the reason for his parricide ,[] the silent and illusive try to stop the fleeting hands of time.
14 Only in this way, can the free riding and the illusive demand curve resulted from it be avoided effectively, and the problem of Public Finance's unsteady basis can get a thorough solution.
15 For this reason, during the delivery and the exercise period, the training and practise on the illusive action should need more concern by both the trainer and the trainee.
16 The arrestment conditions enacted by the existing law are excessively and illusive, which result in bringing about the arbitrary to the conditions of arrestment .
17 Because his psychological type is the introversive intuition type, his poems have the character of daydream, and his standpoint is novel and illusive.
18 Using revenue voluntary theories, utilitarianism and psychological contract theories, the problem of illusive Demand Curve resulted from free riding was analyzed.
19 I know, fear an obstacle to certain person, to me, it is illusive only.
20 Are they high priced courtesans?Mistresses of seduction?Or something more illusive?Whatever a geisha is, it's more than a role, it's an all- encompassing way of life.
21 On other mornings, however, I closed my eyes and prayed for the illusive sweet dreams.
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