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Coyote in a sentence

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Synonym: Canis latransbrush wolfprairie wolfSimilar words: joyousevery othercoycoylydecoynoterotenotedMeaning: ['kɔɪəʊt]  n. 1. small wolf native to western North America 2. someone who smuggles illegal immigrants into the United States (usually across the Mexican border) 3. a forest fire fighter who is sent to battle remote and severe forest fires (often for days at a time). 
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1. The Indian hurled his spear at the coyote.
2. Coyote tracks are similar to dog tracks.
3. He uses them for coyote bait.
4. Evcn the coyote chained to a stake near the gas pumps to entertain the tourists understands the meaning of injustice.
5. The coyote returned to the barn end and plopped down in front of the crowd of llamas.
6. These include the grizzly bear, cougar, wolverine, wolf, coyote, and bald and golden eagles.
7. The coyote avoided the entire area, preferring the corner where the fence joined the llamas' field.
8. Along a straightaway, a coyote raced the truck, his tongue flapping beside him like a tie.
9. Coyote and bear scat, or droppings, were on the rough rocky gravel of the road.
10. The coyote benefits by eating the berries, and ultimately helps the plants survive.
11. The result is Coyote Medicine, his new book offering medical alternatives based on long-honored Cherokee practices.
12. Sort of a southeastern version of Coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons.
13. A coyote passed an hour or so before dawn at the edge of the clearing.
14. The hunter killed coyote with a gun.
15. The God of the American Plateau Indian was Coyote.
16. They lived over around Coyote Canyon someplace.
17. What does Wile E Coyote want?
18. Any self - evolver must be a coyote trickster.
19. We spin around to see a coyote in hot pursuit of a panicked rabbit.
20. Now and again the hunter can hear a long - draw dolorous whine of some unseen coyote.
21. Far up the west rim of the canyon,[sentencedict .com] a coyote yipped twice.
22. It planed on the wind, and he pursued it with agility, captured it in a clump of coyote brush.
23. Party hats, champagne at midnight and a whole lot of hoopla accompany the country pleasure of the Coyote Band.
24. He just crouches on the corner at lunchtime and occasionally bays, like a wolf or coyote.
25. Or, in keeping with theme week, the hapless Wile E.. Coyote in futile pursuit of the Roadrunner.
26. However, the Nez Perce themselves placed their origins in the blood of a mythical monster slain by the culture hero Coyote.
27. A spotted flicker with his knife beak and red moustaches perches on the coyote fence, studies me, then flies.
28. The local veterinarian who examined two of the dead sheep says a coyote never kills the way these sheep were killed.
29. He had been walking for hours and hours through a beautiful valley when he came upon a large tree. Mr. Coyote was very tired and wanted to rest but he also needed to be safe.
30. The sheriff announced a bounty of 15 dollars for the pelt of every coyote killed.
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