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Swarm in a sentence

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Synonym: assembleclustercollectcrowdgathermeetthrongSimilar words: swarmingswarthywarmwarmlywarmthwarm uplukewarmglobal warmingMeaning: [swɔrm /swɔːm]  n. 1. a moving crowd 2. a group of many insects. v. 1. be teeming, be abuzz 2. move in large numbers. 
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1. A swarm in May is worth a load of hay; a swarm in June is worth a silver spoon; but a swarm in July is not worth a fly. 
2. A swarm of ants are moving busily.
3. A swarm of bees flew into the garden.
4. There is a swarm of bees in the tree.
5. The waters swarm with life.
6. A swarm of mosquitoes fly into the room.
7. A swarm of/Swarms of journalists followed the film star's car.
8. Attorneys swarm around the room conferring with clients.
9. Jaq scanned another swarm of these hybrids[], on the rampage with guns and blades.
10. Getting closer, the swarm was so noisy it sounded like a war all by itself.
11. But in swarm systems, positive feedback can lead to increasing order.
12. Somehow, the charm of seeing city streets swarm with uneducated, unemployable and unsupervised children is lost on the cops.
13. They abound in our hamlets and swarm in our cities.
14. Every day tourists swarm through the narrow streets of the old city.
15. Picked out in silhouette is a swarm, a veritable plague,( of humanity.
16. A swarm of killer bees has attacked 70 children in a village in northern Mexico.
17. Swarm logic tries to comprehend the out-of-kilter, to measure the erratic, and to time the unpredictable.
18. The proper awareness required to appreciate the swarm nature of complicated things might be called hive mind.
19. Violet receives a great swarm of attention wherever we go.
20. Alter all, the swarm can only cover about a metre of ground every three minutes.
21. A swarm of people were buzzing around outside the Tower, most of them looking rather aimless.
22. In swarm systems with heritability, individual variation and imperfection will lead to perpetual novelty, or what we call evolution.
23. Sandflies are tiny insects that swarm and bite, sometimes drawing blood.
24. But complex swarm systems with rich hierarchies take time to boot up.
25. But many disbelieving locals have stayed behind, even as technicians in plastic suits and respirators swarm over the town.
26. Flies zigzagged across the room, speeding about their business like bees in swarm.
27. He trotted in sync across the yard as the swarm eased away.
28. Thousands of individuals, each not quite as big as a housefly make up the swarm.
29. His lips were impassioned and she swum dizzily in the swarm of love that buzzed through her.
30. They come out to feed on the insects and other invertebrates that swarm on the soft oozy surface of the mud.
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