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Hydrate in a sentence

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Similar words: dehydratecarbohydratehydranthydrophobiarateprateirategrateMeaning: ['haɪdreɪt]  n. any compound that contains water of crystallization. v. 1. supply water or liquid to in order to maintain a healthy balance 2. become hydrated and combine with water 3. cause to be hydrated; add water or moisture to. 
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1 After-sun products will cool and hydrate your skin.
2 These positively charged ions are themselves highly hydrated.
3 Mrs Fellows is well nourished and well hydrated before she has surgery.
4 Many of the birds are being hydrated with electrolytes via a catheter and kept warm on heating pads to treat hypothermia.
5 Another large reservoir of fossil fuels, solid gas hydrates, has recently come to public recognition.
6 Many of the rescued birds are being hydrated with electrolytes and kept warm on a heating pad.
7 Keeping hydrated improves the body's ability to trap and neutralize those microbes before they can gain a foothold.
8 When applied topically, they can hydrate parched skin.
9 Marine gas hydrate is a great potential energy source.
10 The main hydrates are ettringite and gehlenite hydrate.
11 Plus Chloral Hydrate has a cross tolerance with Nembutal.
12 The results produced by chloral hydrate suppository hard and soft moderate, stable,[] easy to use for clinical.
13 Corrosively medium for chemical production such as sodium hydrate, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, fatty acid.
14 The increasing dose of chloral hydrate through single intraperitoneal injection to prolong the anesthesia duration resulted in enhancing the inhibition of cardiac function.
15 After you run, drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated.
16 Animals were kept under light anaesthesia thereafter with ip chloral hydrate.
17 At those temperatures and pressures, methane combines with water into a solid form called a gas hydrate.
18 These very weak stones are rich in water, which is bound up in both hydrated salts and clay minerals.
19 Also, large quantities of free gas or other hydrocarbons can be trapped beneath impermeable gas hydrate layers.
20 Avoid any alcohol but drink plenty of water or juice to keep you well hydrated and calm.
21 Analysis of the data indicates that the decomposition rate of carbon dioxide hydrate is proportional to the fugacity difference at the equilibrium state pressure and the decomposition pressure.
22 The nickel glycinate is obtained after nickel sulfate or a crystalline hydrate of the nickel sulfate is mixed with a glycine aqueous solution to react.
23 The effects of supersaturation and supercool on ice conversion to natural gas hydrate was studied.
24 A multi-metal alloy catalyst for hydrogenation of acetonitrile to ethylamine was prepared using hydrazine hydrate and potassium borohydride as the co- reductant .
25 P-nitrophenol showed no sign of thermochromism. The title compound, p-nitro-phenol hydrate was synthesized in solution. It's monocrystalline was cultivate.
26 Later plagued by intense back pain that had migrated to his neck he took the hypnotic drug chloral hydrate as a sleep aid and tried electric-shock therapy which failed to provide relief.
27 Bottomreflector ( BSR ) and amplitude blanking zone with high velocity above BSR are the indicators of hydrate.
28 At NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama scientists dosed spiders with marijuana, the "downer" chloral hydrate, the "upper" Benzedrine and on caffeine.
29 Superfine silver powder was prepared by water - hydrazine hydrate chemical reduction method.
30 According to the distribution of velocity field, it is inferred that the gas hydrate is mainly distributed in the overlying sedimentary strata near BSR in the study area.
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