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Sb in a sentence

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Sentence count:182+17 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-09Updated:2017-01-09
Meaning: n. 1. a metallic element having four allotropic forms; used in a wide variety of alloys; found in stibnite 2. a bachelor's degree in science. 
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1, The man was on trial for killing sb.
2, If sb. says sth. that you do not hear, you can say "I beg your pardon?" or " Pardon?" so they will say it again.
3, To forget sb is pretty easy. Just don't see him/her, don't be a contemptible wretch.
4, refer to sb/sth to mention or speak about sb/sth: The victims were not referred to by name.
5, We are sure that there is sb in the house because we see smoke rise straight up in the air.
6, There's sb. lurking behind that bush.
7, to grant sb. permission to do sth.
8, be rid of sb/sth to be free of sb/sth that has been annoying you or that you do not want: She wanted to be rid of her parents and their authority.
9, to bring out the worst in sb.
10, I had an uneasy feeling that sb. was watching me.
11, to have a grievance against sb.
12, A trustworthy person is sb. that you can trust.
13, I got this ticket for free from sb who didn't want it.
14, constrain sb. to do sth.
15, We must appoint sb to act as secretary.
16, He raised a row when he found that sb had damaged the machine.
17, to be image of sb.
18, expostulate with sb. about sth.
19, bid adieu to sb.
20, The government sent sb. to inspect our school.
21, I want sb. to help me.
22, inveigle sb. into sth.
23, I thought I heard sb calling.
24, to wrest the truth out of sb.
25, entrap sb. into doing sth.
26, to bring an action against sb.
27, If you don't know the answer,( ask sb.
28, to have an extramartial relations with sb.
29, on / to the verge of sth / of doing sth very near to the moment when sb does sth or sth happens: He was on the verge of tears.
30, To do sth. oneself is often easier than getting sb. else to do it.
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