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Heraclitus in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2022-04-15Updated:2022-04-15
Similar words: heraclesunder a cloudobstacle racediabetes mellituscoitus interruptusliteracyilliteracyvisual literacyMeaning: n. a presocratic Greek philosopher who said that fire is the origin of all things and that permanence is an illusion as all things are in perpetual flux (circa 500 BC). 
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1. Heraclitus asserted that all nature is the unity of opposites and constant flux.
2. Heraclitus thought, the world is an everliving fire.
3. Heraclitus You can't step in the same shit twice.
4. Heraclitus developed an entire philosophy of life based upon his observations of the natural world.
5. Heraclitus is thought to have abdicated the throne of Ephesus in favor of his brother.
6. Heraclitus believed that all things were characterised by pairs of contrary properties, for example one and the same thing may be both hot and cold.
7. This concept originated in Heraclitus,(Sentence dictionary) who was much admired by Nietzsche.
8. The attitude of Heraclitus to the religions of his time, at any rate the Bacchic religion, is largely hostile, but not with the hostility of a scientific rationalist.
9. This is important because as Heraclitus said, "If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it..."
10. Heraclitus saith well in one of his enigmas, Dry light is ever the best.
11. He was known as Weeping Philosopher and Heraclitus the Obscure.
12. What is known is that Heraclitus mentions him as a contemporary and critic of Pythagoras, and we can thus date him as living roughly at around the same time.
13. Thus in fire Heraclitus found a unifying substance in nature that serves as a basis for life.
14. We can say with Heraclitus in whose proximity, ; he feels warmer and better than anywhere else; that everything flows.
15. In the paradoxical world of Heraclitus, change is also that which made things what they are.
16. All reality is process as Whitehead was moved to observe by his study of 20th century physics and as Heraclitus remarked long ago Nietzsche's beings are be comings as Richardson says and so are ours.
17. Alexander and Gaius and Pompeius , what are they in comparison with Diogenes and Heraclitus and Socrates?
18. I'll point out these connections at various points, these connections to Heraclitus at various points as we go.
19. The same sort of thinking pops up in Western thought as well. The pre-Socratic Heraclitus said, "Nothing endures but change."
20. Nietzsche associates this monism and many of the related view we'll examine with Heraclitus, so from philosophy of the tragic age of the Greeks.
21. I think all of them have similar concept of metaphysics and philosophy with that of Heraclitus , and are consistent with the theory of Quantum physics in that everything.
22. So there's something incoherent about hoping for a world in which bad, the contract case, is eliminated. Again a quote from Heraclitus: for humans to get all they want is not better.
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