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Tacitus in a sentence

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Similar words: taciturntaciturnitytacittacitlycoitus interruptustinnituspruritusdetritusMeaning: n. Roman historian who wrote major works on the history of the Roman Empire (56-120). 
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1. Tacitus more astutely emphasized their dependence upon tillage farming.
2. Tacitus was the greatest historian in Ancient Rome.
3. Tacitus are carving doors and windows.
4. We infer this from three facts mentioned by Tacitus.
5. ACCORDING to Tacitus, the Germans were a very numerous people.
6. Generally speaking , Tacitus historiography contains three narrative arrangements, scilicet macro view , middle view and micro view.
7. Tacitus expressly states that the actual disciplinary authority in the army lay with the priests.
8. Ever since Tacitus, the Roman historian, noted with awe the flame-headed natives of Caledonia, observers have wondered at the prevalence of ginger hair among the Scots.
9. Tacitus " historical view on recurrence contains the double properties of degeneration and evolution. "
10. The second chapter discusses Tacitus " historical view on recurrence. "
11. CABAL : The Tacitus is necesarry, the extermination of Tratos was necesarry.
12. Tacitus himself could not have refrained from this particular morality play.
13. In two letters to the historian Tacitus[], the nephew of Pliny the Elder wrote the only eyewitness account of the great eruption of Vesuvius.
14. Mutants have stolen the Tacitus from me, I require it's return!
15. Tacitus (a historian in Roman) tells us that in the time of Agricola, the Britons who were unfriendly toward the language of their conquerors, now became eager to speak it.
16. The heritages of Historiography left behind by Tacitus and Bangu are rish and thick.
17. An even more comprehensive record was left by the Roman scholar and historian Tacitus.
18. How does it relate to what you have encountered in Tacitus, Suetonius , the Res Gestae?
19. The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise -- Tacitus.
20. The proper arts of a general are judgement and prudence -- Tacitus.
21. Valour is the contempt of death and pain -- Tacitus.
22. As noted, the Church historian Eusebius, who likely forged the Testimonium Flavianum[], does not relate this Tacitus passage in his abundant writings.
23. A bad peace is even worse than war -- Tacitus.
24. Dr: I was there. I saw the Kodiak go down and unless you forgot the point of this entire operation was to get the Tacitus to Tratos.
25. Dr : The Daedalus Team and I are still convinced the Tacitus is our best approach.
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