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Pruritus in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2017-08-07Updated:2017-08-07
Similar words: prurientdetritusemerituscoitus interruptustinea cruristinnitusjurisprudenceritualMeaning: [prʊ'raɪtəs]  n. an intense itching sensation that can have various causes (as by allergies or infection or lymphoma or jaundice etc.). 
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1. ANESTHETICS: Benzocaine, pramoxine, and antipyrine relieve pain and pruritus.
2. Vulvar pruritus is the dominant feature.
3. Pruritus is one of the commonest symptoms.
4. VAS score, analgesic drug consumption, nausea, vomit, pruritus were observed at 4 h , 8 h , 24 h and 48 h after operation ...
5. Genital infection symptoms is quite obvious children for pruritus vulvae pain appear agonizing crying when non-stop not scratch catch the vulva.
6. Serviceable range: To kill fungi for feet pruritus, canker and rhagades caused by beriberi. As it is gentle and cool, it can be used to the canker and rhagades.
7. This disease is characterized by pruritus vulvae, residue-like vaginal secretion. It damages women's health seriously.
8. Subjective symptoms consist of pruritus (itching), sensations of heat (burning), cold (tingling), prickling, biting, formication, pain, and numbness.
9. The invention discloses a medicament for curing gynaecological pruritus vulvae and coleitis.
10. Patients with this disease have pruritus vulvae , burning pain, and even restless sleep and sitting, which could threaten the physical and mental health of the women.
11. They may be associated with pruritus dysuria vaginal discharge and tender regional adenopathy.
12. Pruritus was moderate in 50.8 % and severe in 23 %.
13. Serviceable range: To kill fungi for feet pruritus, canker and rhagades caused by beriberi.
14. However, understanding of the pathophysiology of uremic pruritus is still limited.
15. A. Symptoms of vaginitis include vaginal discharge, pruritus, irritation, soreness, odor, dyspareunia and dysuria.
16. Methods: Schultz - dale reaction, antihistamine alleviating pruritus test and cornea surface anesthesia test.
17. Pruritus is common in patients with HIV disease, especially those with AIDS.
18. Objective: To study the anti - inflammation and anti pruritus effect of bencycloquidium bromide.
19. It shows that compound mint injection appeared notable curative effect in two diseases:herpes zoster and pruritus vulvae.
20. Be accompanying auroral sunlight , his to have opened an eye, the have given a stretch , have scratched a pruritus , convenient image is doggish have let go a piss by the road.
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21. Objective: To evaluate the effects of prophylactic intravenous administration of the 5-hydroxytryptamine subtype 3(5-HT3) receptors antagonist azasetron on intrathecal morphine-induced pruritus.
22. This case is the first reported incident of a patient using a toothbrush to relieve his pruritus ani and subsequently losing it up into the rectum.
23. Lichen planus is an exception , however , in which pruritus is severe , but excoriations are rare.
24. Objective:To observe the clinical curative effect of Garter Snake Eliminating Wind to Tonify Blood Decoction combined with external use of lightyellow sophora root lotion to treat pruritus senilis.
25. There are regional and individual differences in the perception of and reaction to pruritus.
26. In general, the longer and deeper excoriations are, more severe was the pruritus that provoked them.
27. Objective To study the personality feature of the patients with unknown-cause pruritus vulvae.
28. The use of drugs do vagina washing or into the vagina, if produce allergic reaction and contact dermatitis can also occur pruritus vulvae.
29. Urticaria; food allergies; hay fever; vasomotor rhinitis; itching due to skin diseases, including eczema; pruritus; and serum sickness.
30. The opium peptide should be relative with the onset of pruritus and Vidal disease.
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