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Haematoma in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-06-13Updated:2017-06-13
Similar words: haematologyhaematemesistomatoautomatonstomataautomateautomaticstomatitisMeaning: n. a localized swelling filled with blood. 
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1. This report describes an intramural haematoma of the oesophagus, a rare but potentially dangerous complication of variceal injection.
2. By what is chronic haematoma caused? How to treat?
3. Prostate cancer can be complicated by spontaneous intracranial haematoma.
4. The haematoma part eliminates or compares in front of the technique the enlarge, the hydrocephalus and occupies the position effect also to aggravate.
5. Haematoma in the abdominal cavity was found as an irregular echo free zone between left hepatic lobe and the transplanted pancreas.
6. After the technique the haematoma eliminates or the majority of elimination completely, occupies position effect vanishing or the obvious change for the better.
7. But the YL-1 encephalic haematoma puncture needle may the rapid puncture drainage reduced pressure hematischesis, rescue the success ratio to increase inevitably.
8. The haematoma outside hard meninx happens in exert oneself dot to reach its commonly around.
9. To the tumour inside skull, helminth , haematoma and cerebral blood - vessel pathological changes can provide exact diagnostic basis.
10. In the acute setting, an intracranial haematoma can appear isodense on CT scanning, especially if a coagulopathy is present.
11. This can lead to something called an epidural haematoma, where blood builds up between the outer covering of the brain and the skull, with consequent pressure on the brain itself.
12. Acute aortic syndrome includes aortic dissection, intramural haematoma ( IMH ), and symptomatic aortic ulcer.
13. Conclusions The treatment group has reduces around the haematoma the hydrocephalus, accelerates in the brain the haematoma absorption function, is advantageous in the nerve function restoration.
14. Results:Renal trauma was classified into three types:subcapsular haematoma, contusion and mixed injury.
15. Producing haematoma of tumour, head is caused when childbirth, do not require any treatment, heal of metropolis proper motion.
16. The area of haematoma was measured ( the area was drawn on paper and quantitatively determined ).
17. Objective To discuss the application of neuroendoscope in spontaneous intracerebral haematoma operation.
18. Various extents of hemorrhagic tendency: bleeding from nose, hematemesis and hemoptysis, continuous capillary hemorrhage and haematoma at the injection spot.
19. Pawn ministry when two side fracture, may hurt the vein in reaching meningeal median or meninx,( cause the haematoma outside acute or chronic putamen .
20. Root of buccal bottom, tongue and jaw when coarse part gets hurt, can affect respiratory tract unobstructed because of oedema, haematoma , happen even asphyxial.
21. A little traumatic sex is paralytic cannot restore completely, the likelihood is pressed for facial nerve canal, can have the haematoma outside hematic tympanum or temporal bone.
22. Future capabilities, Mr Murphy hopes, might include a digital stethoscope to analyse breathing sounds and a haematoma scanner to look for a brain haemorrhage.
23. The assumptive adherence of the tumour to the choroids plexus was probably disrupted by the haematoma.
24. Objective To approach the diagnosis and operation timing of retroperitoneal haematoma( RH ).
25. We attack force the outside be located in the haematoma outside putamen to call hard meninx haematoma of the certain bulk that skull internal haemorrhage is caused when the head and forms gradually.
26. Through doctor microscope, diagnose for phallic sponge body white film ruptures , the penis the ministry ruptures and appear from which haematoma, need instantly operation cure.
27. The early symptom relief rate was 82.4%, while the late symptom relief rate was 100%. No infections, haematoma of wound, and any other major complications were reported.
28. Objective To explore the curative effect of burr hole craniotomy on chronic subdural haematoma (CSDH).
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