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Feudalism in a sentence

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Similar words: vandalismvandalisefeudrealismfatalismtalismanjournalismsocialismMeaning: ['fjuːdəlɪzm]  n. the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century; vassals were protected by lords who they had to serve in war. 
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1 Feudalism was not abolished in England until 1660.
2 In cities people talked about science, but feudalism flourished on the land.
3 By 1740 European feudalism was in its death throes.
4 Nevertheless, feudalism was something else as well.
5 It took several centuries for feudalism to be formed.
6 Feudalism was basically bad; modern democracies are good.
7 A survival-of-the-fittest social system, feudalism,[] that had lasted for hundreds of years was quickly replaced by capitalism.
8 Under feudalism, Marxists argue, the dominant mode of production was based on the ownership of land.
9 England's feudalism under the rule of William the Conqueror.
10 Against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat - capitalism, and against capitalism.
11 In ZHANG's "New Legend", the downfallen feudalism with rich color of colony is adopted to describe the characters, becoming permanent artistic typical models in Chinese modern modern literature.
12 Feudal society replaced slavery society, capitalism supplanted feudalism , and, after a, socialism will necessarily supercede capitalism.
13 Under maintenance feudalism rule premise, attention textbook scientific nature and inappropriateness.
14 The meagerness of Chinese feudalism is evidenced by the absence of any real medieval productive cities.
15 Roman feudalism produced legal rules and legal institutions strikingly similar to English feudalism.
16 Deviate from socialism and China will inevitably retrogress to semi - feudalism and semi - colonialism .
17 In cities people talked about science and democracy[], but feudalism flourished on the land.
18 The world is rejecting non-productive socialism as it rejected feudalism.
19 The burgesses constituted a growing challenge to the social relations of feudalism.
20 This is crucial because Marx was to go on to argue that capitalism grew out of one such combination in feudalism.
21 She and her fellow students were told that their mission was to free the peasants from feudalism.
22 The notion of bypassing capitalism, of direct transition from feudalism to socialism, was idle Utopianism.
23 In terms of the dominant concepts of the age, feudalism appeared as the natural order of things.
24 This was one more bit of debris from the capitalist system, from feudalism, from the Dark Ages.
25 None the less, they are worth considering, because they help us to understand both the origin and the artificiality of feudalism.
26 In this article, the author focuses on the anti - feudalism consciousness, tragedy consciousness and animadversion consciousness.
27 A: the wars of the roses dealt a death blow to feudalism in england.
28 Modern, industrial society, slowly germinating in the shadow of medievalism, burst the bonds of feudalism.
29 Confucian kindheartedness is soul of Confucian ethic thought. We must affirm and develop the essence after discarding the Feudalism dross.
30 While Voltaire, Condorcet and Descartes used reason to confront superstition and feudalism, thinkers across the Channel – Brooks cites Burke, Hume and Adam Smith – thought it unwise to trust reason.
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