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Extrapolate in a sentence

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Synonym: generalisegeneralizeinferinterpolateSimilar words: extraterrestrialextraextractextractingextraneousextraditionextravagantextricateMeaning: [ek'stræpəʊleɪt]  v. 1. draw from specific cases for more general cases 2. estimate the value of 3. gain knowledge of (an area not known or experienced) by extrapolating. 
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1) One can extrapolate the size of the building from the measurements of an average room.
2) It is possible to extrapolate future developments from current trends.
3) You can't really extrapolate a trend from such a small sample.
4) It is unhelpful to extrapolate general trends from one case.
5) They use an intricate formula to extrapolate how many are snakes inhabiting an area.
6) Therefore, it is inadvisable to extrapolate from those studies to disadvantaged populations.
7) I can extrapolate this deduction to other vertebrates but an arthropod has different reactions and an utterly different nervous system.
8) Generally Helen would extrapolate on one of the more testing programmes coming out of her department.
9) Now to extrapolate from this example to a general argument that familiarity of a subject is a disadvantage would clearly be absurd.
10) How far is it reasonable to extrapolate these results to the non-poor is a highly debatable point.
11) Literally it means beyond the walls. extrapolate To estimate on the basis of certain known variables.
12) There's more work to do and much to extrapolate.
13) You can't extrapolate from Shanghai or Beijing.
14) Without the materials of this year,( we could extrapolate from the datum of the previous year.
15) Simple extrapolate method is used toforecast the increase of electric vehicle.
16) You can extrapolate these findings to any tumors in the body.
17) They extrapolate that to say I'm choosing to kill people. It's not like that.
18) Predicting log properties from Seismic attributes can extrapolate log curves in landscape orientation.
19) They extrapolate from the electronic image its evanescence itsits virtual, metamorphic and above its neurotic nature.
20) Sea - bottom reverberations would extrapolate back - wards in time to a zero member.
21) Preferably the experimenter should apply known end loads, determine apparent moduli and extrapolate to zero load.
22) Prominent among the various techniques that can help to extrapolate past date into future trends are the following:time series, least squares method, exponential smoothing, regression and correlation.
23) Look at the amount of customization that was required versus what was expected, and use that to extrapolate implementation costs.
24) This way, they can show value quickly and then extrapolate those benefits to bigger projects and to all the other groups.
25) GIS software is utilized to index resulting data and to extrapolate soil erosion sensitivity analysis.
26) It's Model Biological Systems 101 : study an animal that's easy to study, and then extrapolate.
27) Since the Nielson report only shows data for a specific point in time, there's not really much else we can extrapolate from the numbers.
28) Those elderly galaxies are so chock-full of faint stars that the researchers extrapolate that the heavens contain up to three times the total number of stars previously estimated.
29) To be seasoned with time-variable wavelet, automatic seismic event tracking and time-frequency techniques are applied to extrapolate well-log data along the stratum adaptively.
30) To determine the human dose - response curve, one must extrapolate down from the high - dose laboratory data.
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