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Etiolated in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-02-10Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: violateviolationisolatedetiologyisolatepercolatedesolatechocolateMeaning: adj. (especially of plants) developed without chlorophyll by being deprived of light. 
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1. Drugs etiolate the skin.
2. That's an etiolated society.
3. She's an etiolated girl.
4. Adventitious buds regeneration from etiolated internode segment of apple cultivar Nagafu No.
5. Young etiolated leaves may also be accompanied by cell division.
6. In the extraction of ACC Synthase from etiolated hypocotyls of soybean, the main activity was found lying in saturation with ammonium sulfate in the range of 40%-60%.
7. Finally the root-knots rotted, and dropping of etiolated leaves and the die back of the branches occurred.
8. One etiolated figure was wrapped in a garment like a miniature black
9. These compounds are present in etiolated tissue of seedlings grown in darkness.
10. But research on microstructure changes of etiolated ginkgo leaves under white and blue light treatment showed that chloroplast had formed and there had some stroma lamella in it.
11. Illumination of the etiolated seedlings produces marked changes in growth habit.
12. Our relationship had become so etiolated and dull that we didn't even have proper fights.
13. Some charateristics of PEP carboxylase from green or etiolated sorghum (aC_4 plant) leaves and wheat (a C_3 plant) leaves have been investigated.
14. When etiolated wheat seedlings were illuminated, chlorophyll appeared immediately, but no photophosphorylation activity could be found.
15. The etiolated degrees of leaves could directly response to the level of potassium deficiency in soybean plants.
16. Viewed simply as a novel, "Lolita" deals with situations and emotions that would remain exasperatingly vague to the reader had their expression been etiolated by means of platitudinous evasions.
17. In the study, the efficient method for isolation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from etiolated tissues of wheat was developed.
18. As it seemed to me, the refined beauty and the etiolated pallor followed naturally enough.
19. This paper is a study on morphogenetic process of bulb formation of explants from etiolated seedlings of Fritillaria pallidiflora Schrenk.
20. The coupling factor F_1 from the mitochondria of the mungbean etiolated seedlings had been isolated and preliminarily purified.
21. After the seedlings treated low temperature the sensitivities of root conductivity, etiolated seedlings, chlorophyll fluorescence of leaves in Maxiangu were also less-sensitive than in Gulchao.
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