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Diffuse in a sentence

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Synonym: broadcastcircularisecircularizecirculatediffuseddispersedisseminatedistributefan outimbueinterpenetratepass aroundpenetratepermeatepervadepropagateriddlesoftspreadspread outSimilar words: suffuseeffusivedifferdifferentdifficultdiffidentdifferencediffer fromMeaning: [dɪ'fjuːz]  v. 1. move outward 2. spread or diffuse through 3. cause to become widely known. adj. 1. spread out; not concentrated in one place 2. (of light) transmitted from a broad light source or reflected 3. lacking conciseness. 
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1. Direct light is better for reading than diffuse light.
2. The printing press helped diffuse scientific knowledge.
3. The pollutants diffuse into the soil.
4. The organization is large and diffuse.
5. The company has become large and diffuse.
6. His writing is diffuse and difficult to understand.
7. His talk was so diffuse that I missed his point.
8. His writing is so diffuse and obscure that it is difficult to make out what it is he is trying to say.
9. In an attempt to diffuse the tension I suggested that we break off for lunch.
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10. The problem is how to diffuse power without creating anarchy.
11. Religion is a diffuse topic liable to unending disputation whereas theism is not.
12. It allows nicotine to diffuse slowly and steadily into the bloodstream.
13. Many presidential candidates have used humor to diffuse criticism.
14. The second argument is more diffuse and therefore more difficult to counter.
15. Was there diffuse sweating? How long did the attack appear to last, and how long was the person confused afterwards?
16. Brain functions become more diffuse in girls, whereas they take up specific locations in the heads of boys.
17. The best insurance against autocracy is to diffuse power as much as possible throughout society.
18. From there they diffuse, in the form of gas or in solution, to and into the cells.
19. The diffuse energies and compulsions of the teenaged boy must be shaped into the constructive activities of manhood.
20. If the soil is permeable enough radon can diffuse out before it decays.
21. The smoke will diffuse into other rooms and will get into carpets, drapes and clothing.
22. The new opposition party continues to be a diffuse organization.
23. The arrival of letters from the Pope did nothing to diffuse the tension.
24. Under resting conditions the cell membrane will not allow ions to diffuse passively across it, so the potential difference remains.
25. To the east of Frisia were the pagan Saxons, a diffuse and essentially nomadic conglomeration of tribes.
26. It is well known the Crohn's disease is a diffuse lesion of the entire gastrointestinal tract.
27. Furthermore, the causes of fuelwood scarcity must seem remote and diffuse to the average urban dweller.
28. Serum is placed into a circular-well area and allowed to diffuse into the agar forming antigen antibody complexes.
29. Local application of platelet concentrates shows potential in treating diffuse mucosal haemorrhage due to thrombocytopenia.
30. The Warm-Lite features a glass globe to protect the flame from draughts and to diffuse the light.
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