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Counterexample in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-05-19Updated:2017-05-19
Similar words: for exampleexamplecountertransferencecountercounterfeiterencountercountermandcounteractMeaning: n. refutation by example. 
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1. Even one counterexample would give us a pretext to bring the rogue in for questioning.
2. This will exclude the counter-examples, but it will also make knowledge a rare phenomenon at best.
3. It needs support from an explanation, in terms of the conditional theory, of how there can be such counter-examples.
4. An initial diagnosis of the Gettier counter-examples may be that it is just luck that Henry's justified belief is true.
5. Certainly, it is not a counterexample of a solution for colliding waves without singularity.
6. Recognising this paradox lends weight to the patriarchy thesis, explaining away many apparent counter-examples.
7. It's not really a counterexample to the personality theory.
8. Finally, a counterexample is presented to illustrate the conclusion.
9. In a sense this program is a counterexample, in that it is never useful as a filter.
10. There exists a counterexample showing that a compact topological space is not necessarily a sequentially compact space.
11. By a counterexample, it is illustrated that a valuation on a module need not be prolongable on an extension module.
12. This is the counterexample set of the two arguments I gave you.
13. Is software a counterexample?
14. Next, a waveform derived from the counterexample is generated, and the user debugs the failure.
15. As a counterexample, Brown mentions a project using three persistence solutions: Spring, EJB and Hibernate.
16. Whatever factors are suggested as to why people have bigger or smaller families, counterexamples can be found somewhere in the world.
17. Indeed it is its very innateness, given sufficient divergence between different languages, that make such counterexamples seem possible.
18. Okay I gave you another test. That was one test of validity and another test I gave you was in the argument is valid if and only is it's counterexample set is inconsistent.
19. So if we understand the argument in terms of the second interpretation, it looks as invisible. It looks all the argument still go through[], Simmias' counterexample fails.
20. So if what Socrates means by invisibility is the first notion: can't be seen with your eyes, then the argument is not any good, harmony is a pretty compelling counterexample.
21. More detailed researches are focused on discussing the rationality and restrictive of DF problem in this paper and the typical exemplification and counterexample are presented.
22. If he could show us, he could convince us that harmony is not really invisible, then we would no longer have a counterexample to the claim that the invisible can't be destroyed.
23. Sometimes the best way to illustrate how to do something is by counterexample.
24. The paper advances analogism , a conception in several formals, counterexample by converse analysis, geometry models and diagrams in mathematics teaching.
25. However, GS may meet with its counter-example, and a noted feature of GS is the tolerance of its own counterexample.
26. Then, after the introduction and analysis of algorithm ASRAI we show a counterexample of this algorithm and present a revised algorithm CHEN1 to eliminate the disadvantage of algorithm ASRAI.
27. Now noticed if that's the way we interpret his argument, harmony works no longer as a counterexample.
27. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
28. Socrates never says Simmias, here's what your objection goes wrong: harmony is not really invisible or can't be destroyed, whatever it is, so we don't have a counterexample.
29. The ideal convexity of functionals is introduced and studied in this paper, four relation theorems between convexity and ideal convexity and an important counterexample are obtained.
30. So the crucial point right now is that, thinking about harmony is offered as a counterexample to the generalization that invisible things can't be destroyed.
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