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Cornea in a sentence

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Similar words: corneraround the corneradornedattorneyunderneathcornscornpopcornMeaning: ['kɔːnɪə]  n. transparent anterior portion of the outer covering of the eye; it covers the lens and iris and is continuous with the sclera. 
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1. The operation involves making several cuts in the cornea.
2. The cornea is the transparent membrane that covers the front of the eye.
3. The ring is virtually invisible around the central cornea which is the critical area for clear vision.
4. Current surgical techniques also involve reducing the cornea curvature in a bid to correct short-sightedness.
5. A tendency to accumulate sticky mucus on the cornea removed by blinking.
6. One solution is to implant a donor cornea.
7. Undergo a heart transplant; surgical transplant of a cornea.
8. White scars remain on his cornea.
9. Light enters the eye through the cornea.
10. Outer layer such as cornea serves a role to reflect the images.
11. The cornea is a transparent, dome-shaped structure covering the front of the eye.
12. Methods Limbus cornea autografting were performed on 10 cases ( 10 eyes ) with recurrent pterygium.
13. If the cornea epithelial cells often broken skin or keratinization and consequence is unimaginable.
14. Corneal limbus stem cells are the source of corneal epithelial renewal and they help maintain the integrity of cornea.
15. Layers of the cornea were visualised in serial optical sections parallel to the epithelium after penetrating keratoplasty.
16. The surgeon made a small incision in the patient's cornea.
17. All contact lenses must be very carefully fitted to allow the cornea to receive enough oxygen.
18. Instead,[] Mr Choyce implants a delicate lens between the lens of the eye and the cornea.
19. The advantage of this approach is that pain relief may be obtained without causing disturbance of sensation over the face and cornea.
20. Actual blindness occurs only after years and years, and is caused by infestation of the cornea - which eventually becomes opaque.
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21. Keratometry - A keratometer is the primary instrument used to measure the curvature of the cornea.
22. The morphologic and functional integrality is the primary index of the clinic utility and preservation quality evaluation of the cornea endothelium.
23. Objective:To report the effect of treating phlyctenular keratopathy with intralamellar cauterization of cornea.
24. For the study, the manmade protein was injected directly into the cornea with a microneedle. "Ideally we would like to develop a topical eye drop with a long-term delivery system, " says Dr. Ambati.
25. A highly safe means of improving the visibility of a transparent tissue in eye such as vitreous body, crystal lens or cornea in operating the same.
26. Objective To evaluate the effects of therapeutic keratoplasty in treatment of serious fungal cornea 1 ulcer.
27. It is an effective and reasonable therapeutic tool to transplant the limbus cornea stem cells.
28. To begin the months-long process, doctors removed one of Thornton's canine teeth—aka an eyetooth—along with part of the jaw and cut it all down to a shape small enough to replace the cornea.
29. Glasses work by refracting or converging light before it reaches the cornea in order to correct either farsightedness or nearsightedness.
30. Objective To study chain reaction ( PCR ) in diagnosing herpes virus infection of eye bank cornea donor.
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