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Continuum in a sentence

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Similar words: continuecontinuedcontinualcontinuingcontinuousdiscontinuediscontinueddiscontinuanceMeaning: [kɒn'tɪnjʊəm]  n. a continuous nonspatial whole or extent or succession in which no part or portion is distinct of distinguishable from adjacent parts. 
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1. These various complaints are part of a continuum of ill-health.
2. This subject is broadly termed continuum mechanics and is an academic discipline in its own right.
3. This continuum stretches from full repetition at one end of the scale to pronominal reference at the other.
4. The structure now reflects the continuum rather than the discrete units we perceive.
5. There is a vast continuum between bureaucratic behavior and entrepreneurial behavior, and government can surely shift its position on that spectrum.
6. On a continuum of possible policy outcomes, locate the preferred policy decision of each group. 3.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. Of course, in reality there is a continuum between these and more informal types of conflict.
8. An unforgiving managerial continuum reaching from the father to the oldest remembered paternal relative sits in stony judgment.
9. Many mini-theories involve the r - K continuum.
10. The continuum between main secondary and post-16 education is more doubtful.
11. Inter-agency activity ranged across a continuum from the perfunctory to the innovative.
12. Life will be redefined as a continuum of different qualities.
13. The relation of the one continuum to the other is not possible using Newtonian mechanics.
14. One importance of the continuum is that it is a more precise form of categorisation than the simple dichotomy.
15. The Creole language is really various dialects arranged on a continuum.
16. All the organisms in an ecosystem are part of an evolutionary continuum.
17. It's not 'left-wing or right-wing' - political opinion is a long continuum.
18. Romaine, Le Page and Tabouret-Keller and others have raised serious theoretical objections to the continuum hypothesis itself, as described above.
19. Usually these styles are presented as opposite ends of a continuum.
20. Different types of software have been placed on a continuum from machine orientated to user orientated.
21. Piaget conceptualized development as a continuous process along a continuum.
22. Rape and battering are merely one end of a continuum of aggressive forms of behaviour of men to women.
23. Different generations have tended to position themselves at different points on that continuum.
24. Some political systems are probably best classified on a continuum between totalitarianism and authoritarianism.
25. From a Piagetian perspective, development is appropriately viewed as a continuum.
26. These men were spread out all along the behavioral continuum.
27. Susan was followed on the program by Father Dougherty, who began his presentation by sketching a continuum on the blackboard.
28. What may appear in their presentation as polar opposites are in reality shifting points on a continuum.
29. It is through the conception of historical time as a continuum that the past becomes a coherent object.
30. Rather than being a dichotomy between the two, there may be a continuum.
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