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Common law in a sentence

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Similar words: commonlycommonin commonuncommoncommon goodcommonalitycommonwealthcommon groundMeaning: n. 1. (civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions 2. a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws common-law. adj. based on common law. 
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1, Canadian libel law is based on English common law.
2, The rules of common law and equity are both, in essence, systems of private law.
3, The common law rules have now been overlaid by statute.
4, When the Court was abolished in 1641 the Common Law Courts had become strong enough to give adequate redress.
5, A Common Law right was practically, though not theoretically, nullified by the existence of a countervailing equitable right.
6, Teachers may sue if they believe state common law has been violated.
7, Nevertheless such a contract may be frustrated at common law.
8, The common law in Scotland is based on precedent.
9, Judge-made law is called common law.
10, The connection between common law and Roman law.
11, The exemplary damages are originated in the common law.
12, Chapter four is about jurisdiction under English common law.
13, Three, the Mercantile Law going into Common Law.
14, The Civil Law system and the Common Law system have made different provision about the corporate charter invalidity system which we can learn.
15, The common law distinguished " public " and " private " nuisances.
16, Case law - ( Also known as common law. ) Law established by previous decisions of appellate courts.
17, I keep my right to sue out my habeas corpus at common law,if you still want to search my bag.
18, Cameron and all teachers are governed by three main types of laws: statutory law, constitutional law, and common law.
19, In this way Equity is an addendum to the Common Law.
20, Let me therefore start afresh by looking at the common law.
21, For instance,[ law.html] the rule of contributory negligence applicable to collisions at sea differed from that established by the common law of tort.
22, It was further decided that such watching and besetting might be a nuisance at common law and illegal on that ground also.
23, Since the concept of materiality has been absorbed into the concept of relevance, the issue of relevance in the evidence law of common law system comprises two components, provability and materiality.
24, This special fiduciary relationship thus becomes the base of the theory on director's duty in common law.
25, Frustration and clausula rebus sic stantibus are both important doctrines existing separately in the contract laws of civil law countries and common law countries.
26, For the United Kingdom Criminal exceptions to the hearsay rule, this article is to carry out assessment in two parts, the common law and statute law of the exception.
27, By reason of legal tradition, ascription of trust property is reasonablely interpreted under the framework of "double ownership" in common law system.
28, Dormant partnership belongs to the civil law system whereas limited partnership to the common law system.
29, The concept of due process is rooted in English common law.
30, The theory of res judicata is an indispensable theoretical research content of legislation and litigation, both in the civil law, or at common law.
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