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Commander in chief in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-11-08Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: commanderchief of statechief executivefranchisegatheringofferingmotheringunderMeaning: n. the officer who holds the supreme command. 
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1. The Queen is Commander in Chief of the British armed forces.
2. Her commander in chief is the greatest and most powerful man in the world.
3. He had to do something for the commander in chief.
4. They also may target his qualifications as commander in chief and past opposition to balanced-budget amendments and Social Security reform ideas.
5. Today he is commander in chief of the Khmer Rouge guerrilla army.
6. The Commander in Chief visited the island personally, and took steps toward strengthening the defense facilities and fortification.
7. Lahoud, formerly commander in chief of the army, uses officers he has appointed to key posts as his power base.
8. The President's official duties include being Commander in Chief.
9. Commander in Chief Anqieluodi also expresses commending to the team.
10. The commander in chief specially lets the pantry arrange a silverfish thick soup, do you see to still make?
11. And as Lord Kitchener, Commander in Chief of the British Army, began fashioning the trench coat—then referred to simply as a “Burberry”—the place of this clothing item in society was sealed.
12. As Commander in Chief, I ended our combat mission last year and pledged to keep our commitment to remove all our troops by the end of 2011.
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. In The U.S. the president is the commander in chief.
14. Commander in Chief confidence Man Manbing said that Durante will return the young vanguard position.
15. In his first imbroglio, the commander in chief found himself trapped between gay-rights activists and his own Joint Chiefs of Staff.
16. The commander in chief of all the armed forces in certain countries.
17. He was commander in chief during the invasion of Panama.
18. It is this rifleman who shot the enemy commander in chief.
19. He hoped to become commander in chief of the Continental Army, but George Washington was selected instead.
20. The latest by Bob Woodward describes the commander in chief as unusually aloof and detached.
21. The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.
22. The move was initiated by 12 active generals, including the army's commander in chief, General Ricardo Brinzoni.
23. The first duty of a soldier is to obey her commander in chief.
24. Soon after the coup, Reza Khan became minister of war and defacto commander in chief of the armed forces.
25. When the Second Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia in May 1775, Washington, one of the Virginia delegates, was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.
26. But head coach also borrows this aperture toto take office fully commander in chief.
27. B. C. Alexander the Great, a student of Greek teacher Aristotle, proclaims himself commander in chief of all Greece and spreads Greek culture to the many lands he conquers, At the time of his death.
28. At the battle of Copenhagen in 1801, Horatio Nelson in the Elephant was acting under Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, a rather cautious commander in chief.
29. Washington had already been a star general in the Revolution, commander in chief of Continental Army.
30. John Adams, the major figure in the Continental Congress, and George Washington, the commander in chief of the Continental Army, are the chief players in this unusual story.
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