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Forerunner in a sentence

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Synonym: antecedentharbingerheraldprecursorSimilar words: runnerunnervingon the runtunnelstunnedrunningunnecessaryinnerMeaning: n. 1. anything that precedes something similar in time 2. a person who goes before or announces the coming of another 3. an indication of the approach of something or someone. 
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1) She is a forerunner of the modern women's movement.
2) Germany's Green party was said to be the forerunner of environmental parties throughout Europe.
3) An early penalty goal proved the forerunner of a disastrous performance by Scotland.
4) Anglo - Saxon is the forerunner of modern English.
5) Babbage's engine was later seen as the forerunner of the modern computer.
6) He is recognized as the forerunner of all modern-day British Prime Ministers.
7) Long ago, the forerunner to taekwondo was a military skill,( and taekwondo puts fighting theories into practice.
8) Such chemical signals would have been the forerunner of modern-day hormones.
9) Headache may be on its own or the forerunner of other complaints; it accompanies almost all other illnesses.
10) Bloodthirsty wars between cities were the forerunner of the national wars to come.
11) They also fear the law may be the forerunner to a total ban on unleashed dogs on the beach.
12) He was a universal man, a forerunner to Leonardo.
13) Hansen played in the American Basketball League, a forerunner of the NBA.
14) Joe was the forerunner and mentor in foreign reporting, but Stewartaided by abundant letters of introduction from Joewas learning fast.
15) Berg's Wozzeck is one forerunner, but Britten and Mrs Piper deserve the accolade of being unconscious innovators.
16) The P-50 is a forerunner of today's supersonic jet.
17) Chlorothiazide is the forerunner of a large class of similar drugs, which have become known as the thiazide diuretics.
18) This was J.P. Morgan's forerunner and whose junior partner was Pierpont.
19) Currently treatment temple the neck is most debauched forerunner of is a BBT from Ning knife and LEEP knife technique.
20) He was the forerunner of the resistance.
21) The creation craft of professional creation process, forerunner, valid extension product influence, promote brand image of availably lowered budget cost in the meantime.
22) The drop in share prices in March was a forerunner of the financial crash that followed in June.
23) The Warriors started in 1926 as part of the American Basketball League, a forerunner of the NBA.
24) It is clear, though, that the Data Discman is only the forerunner of more sophisticated electronic book players.
25) The ice safe kept in the cellar was a forerunner of today's refrigerator.
26) They were treated in a quite different way and in separate wards the forerunner to the modern pay-beds.
27) The early Christians may therefore be credited with the invention of the forerunner of the popular paperback!
28) Pugin was the leading figure of the British Gothic Revival movement in the early 19th century. His functionalism theory was regarded as a forerunner of modern architectural theory.
29) Religion reform Movement initiated by wahab sheikh is called the forerunner of Modern Islamic Renaissance movement.
30) The engine would have used loops of Jacquard's punched cards to control a mechanical calculator — the forerunner of today's methods of computer programming.
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