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Shroud in a sentence

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Synonym: cloakconcealcoverscreenveilSimilar words: proudmushroomproudlyproud ofbe proud ofthroughgo throughall throughMeaning: [ʃraʊd]  n. 1. a line that suspends the harness from the canopy of a parachute 2. (nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind 3. burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped. v. 1. cover as if with a shroud 2. form a cover like a shroud 3. wrap in a shroud. 
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1. A shroud of secrecy surrounds the plan.
2. The organization is cloaked in a shroud of secrecy.
3. A human form lay there, wrapped in a shroud.
4. The fog rolled in, and a grey shroud covered the city.
5. Everything was covered in a thick shroud of dust.
6. A shroud of silence surrounded the general's death.
7. The nuclear project was cloaked in a shroud of secrecy.
8. Junior standing ready in a glowing shroud of mist.
9. But what else could explain this shroud of secrecy?
10. It looks like a man wrapped in a shroud.
11. There was a filthy shroud of cobweb across it, but no curtain beyond.
12. But a moment later, the shroud reappears, driven together by the churning of a deep distributed mob.
13. What could explain the shroud of secrecy surrounding the project?
14. The body in its shroud of ice stayed fixed to the rock face.
15. When the gores have been sewn together, shroud loops are added at each hem, that is, one for each hem.
15. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
16. Above the village, almost invisible against the velvet shroud of the night sky, something huge silently blotted out the stars.
17. Note over-large handle A plastic shroud protects the user from accidentally touching the hot metal nozzle.
18. The gunmen tracked down their target, despite the shroud of secrecy surrounding his whereabouts.
19. She had been dressed in a woollen shroud and her feet were covered with leather boots, the fur turned inside.
20. Greg's jibe about the dress being like a shroud rankled.
21. Ministers are as keen as ever to wrap their activities in a shroud of secrecy.
22. The truth about the accident remains hidden beneath a shroud of secrecy.
23. And he has laid himself wide open to the kind of criticism that will cloak him in a dark shroud of misery.
24. When not in use they my be tidied away forward and secured to the shroud anchorages.
25. Golfers had reported seeing what looked like a human form wrapped in a brown shroud falling through the sky.
26. The younger individual was a girl of 10-12 years old who wore a red patterned silk shroud.
27. For Kate, the passing of time made the silence chillier, until it felt like an icy shroud around her.
28. The method of forming the top- and bottom-knots was to twist a thin strip of the shroud material into a cord.
29. And bloody Tybalt, yet but green in earth, Lies festering in his shroud?
30. Stowage for a Danforth-type anchor is provided in the starboard side deck close to the shroud anchorage.
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