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Chemical energy in a sentence

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Similar words: geothermal energychemicalbiogeochemical cycleenergysolar energynuclear energybiomass energyscaleneMeaning: n. that part of the energy in a substance that can be released by a chemical reaction. 
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1. Light is converted into chemical energy which in turn is reconverted by combustion or decay into organic energy. footnote omitted Fig.5.
2. These allow a store of chemical energy to be converted to electrical energy as required.
3. For example, when coal is burned, chemical energy is transformed into thermal energy.
4. The technique of splitting water to release chemical energy is half of the process known as photosynthesis.
5. Chemical energy may be converted to heat.
6. Chemical energy is converted into heat when fuel burns.
7. Chemical energy amy be converted to heat.
8. Biologists have ascertained that specialized cells convert chemical energy into mechanical energy.
9. Chemical energy, which is everything from wood to crude oil to gasoline to coal, consists of playing with the electrons, changing their energy state.
10. In its proposal, Raytheon chose a multipurpose chemical energy warhead for the Mid-Range Munition.
11. In the usual steam power plant, all the chemical energy of the fuel is not converted into heat.
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12. Make use of chemical energy effectively, and transform it into mechanical energy.
13. All the chemical energy of the fuel is not converted into heat.
14. The current produced is the result of chemical energy being changed to energy.
15. Man-made forms of chemical energy storage include hydrogen fuel, synthetic hydrocarbon fuel, batteries and explosives such as cordite and dynamite.
16. By means of photosynthesis, plants convert the radiant energy of the sun into chemical energy.
17. Overall labour requirement is minimised by the use of heat and chemical energy in the soaking process.
18. In effect, they convert the energy of the electromagnetic radiation into chemical energy.
19. But now this energy was in an easily useable form - chemical energy.
20. Chemicals: Used in machines chemicals replace direct manual energy such as wiping, scrubbing and scraping with chemical energy.
21. In ergonomic studies cost per unit of energy applied manually significantly exceeds other energy costs with chemical energy being the most cost-effective.
22. There are different forms of energy, such as heat energy, sound energy and chemical energy.
23. Electrical energy may be converted into heat, light or chemical energy.
24. Electrical energy may be converted to heat, light or chemical energy.
25. This visual representation of a mathematical model shows the impact of "asymmetrical" chemical energy on the cell division of an African clawed frog embryo.
26. The cell lost its autotrophic character and became dependent on added chemical energy sources.
27. So we can conclude that nano-TiO2/silicon-acrylic composite emulsion film has obvious photocatalysis and transforms energy of light into chemical energy with antibacterial and antivirotic.
28. Molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) is an energy conversion device that converts chemical energy into electricity by oxidation of hydrogen or fossil fuels.
29. The major difference between these two power generators is that the chemical energy of the fuel cell is converted directly to electrical power without intermediate conversion first to heat.
30. Mechanochemistry is a subject of study on the conversion between mechanical and chemical energy, and this effect is widely used in the unequilibrium course of material preparation.
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