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Hegemonic in a sentence

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1) Through commercial photography we can therefore explore hegemonic constructs of, for example, race, gender and class.
2) To strike at hegemonic ideology imposed on minorities . Broaden the space for multiplicity.
3) It created a liberal hegemonic order with the U.S. at its top.
4) They are a kind of hegemonic near-totalitarianism that can be traced back to the antignostic rhetoric of the early Church Fathers like Tertullian, Epiphanius, and Irenaeus.
5) Globally the United States will not enjoy the hegemonic position it has occupied until now, something underscored by Russia's Aug. 7 invasion of Georgia.
6) Hegemonic powers lay in between: they did not cheat the people at home or cheat allies abroad.
7) Clearly, Franco would stop at nothing to retain his hegemonic position.
8) Part of the state's legitimate authority rested on this acknowledgement and it was built into its hegemonic structure and consensus.
9) It is not the suggestion of unity in difference which was established, but rather the notion of difference as hegemonic.
10) New cultural and political spaces have been opened up, and hegemonic racial identities and structures have been loosened.
11) Due to the mechanism of capitalist market, the profit - driven women - focused websites are hegemonic in power relations.
12) However, the accepted foreign policy orthodoxy in China is that the United States is a hegemonic power that aggressively pursues its own interests at others' expense.
13) For half a century the dollar has been the hegemonic currency.
14) There are moments – moments of crisis for the hegemonic discourse – when one should take the risk of provoking the disintegration of appearances.
15) Yes, the protests did create a vacuum – a vacuum in the field of hegemonic ideology, and time is needed to fill this vacuum in a proper way, as it is a pregnant vacuum, an opening for the truly new.
16) History has shown that if a country's national prestige skyrockets, it can free itself from a conflict with an existing hegemonic power.
17) Therefore , pursuance of sea power without the authorization of the UN is totally hegemonic behavior.
18) It is a crisis of authority within the old hegemonic organization of liberal order, not a crisis in the deep principles of the order itself.
19) Zhou was then the most powerful principality playing the role of hegemonic.
20) No other part of the world has enjoyed the same level of continuous hegemonic concern.
21) In the cross-cultural communication between China and the West, the Chinese literary criticism can still feel, tangibly or intangibly ,[] the pressure of the Western hegemonic discourse.
22) In the narrowest sense, a superpower has the military might to force the world to acquiesce to hegemonic resolve (for example, the Soviet Union).
23) Local-colorists thus evince the "double vision" characteristic of the postcolonial author who has one eye on the hegemonic audience and the other on their native subjects.
24) In this context, the academic debate over Stern's methods is irrelevant - it is his findings, authority and use of the hegemonic power of economic argument that carry the day.
25) Having suffered enough from imperialist bullying in the past, the Chinese people hold a deep hatred for hegemonic power.
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