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Carry through in a sentence

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Sentence count:45+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: accomplishactionbring throughcarry outexecutefulfilfulfillpull throughsaveSimilar words: throughgo throughget throughall throughthroughoutfall throughcut throughcome throughMeaning: v. 1. put in effect 2. bring into safety. 
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1. She was determined to carry through her plans.
2. The songs of the whales carry through the water over long distances.
3. He has proved he can carry through on his promises.
4. He convinced us that he would carry through with/on his promise.
5. However, structuralist Marxists fail to carry through their qualification of economic determinism.
6. These adjustments carry through to the resource market as expanding industries demand more resources and contracting industries demand fewer.
7. That Government were able to carry through virtually all that legislation with hardly any resort to guillotine motions.
8. Regular carry through the maintenance and overhaul to the warehouse facility, guaranteed the warehouse work smoothly.
9. We believe this revolutionary tradition will carry through from generation to generation.
10. A huge carry through the ear side loudly.
11. The juvenility of theory and practice makes us carry through further theoretic discussion necessarily.
12. They selflessly gave their all to carry through technical innovations.
13. Never bluff unless you are prepared to carry through.
14. We carry through our plan to save one - tenth of our salary every month.
15. You will have a breath that will carry through the forest.
16. We don't have the confidence that the UN will carry through a sustained program.
17. It is doubtful whether it will be possible to carry through the education reforms as quickly as the government hopes.
18. The trainee, together with the in-bureau tutor, should work out and carry through a tailor-made course of study.
19. Gibbons communicate and hold territories by means of loud hooting voices that carry through and over the forest canopy.
20. These latter two actions increase the probability that a client will carry through with the contract.
21. Third, there is the growing recognition that Labour could not carry through a radical programme of change without mass support.
22. Bukharin's point was that the same methods can not be used to carry through these two quite distinct tasks.
23. SOCKS Protocol is a kind of proxy protocol. It is on the session layer - the 5th layer of OSI model, which can carry through the fine-grained access control to the transmitted data.
24. Every channel has separate balun, high performance coaxial switches carry through the selection of channels without any transmission machine.
25. Why could it be so hard to give up perfection and carry through self-approval?
25. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
26. Finally, the probabilities of failure are taken as evaluation indexes to carry through the FSA.
27. And he has been listed "Shenzhen Experts Dictionary" and invited to Korea, Japan, French carry through learning exchange times without number.
28. Compared with the control unit, the arithmetic logic unit accepts the command of the control unit to carry through action.
29. The thesis contrapose the existing problem in the respect of assess for physical educational student in general class, carry through some innovation in content and form and measure of assess.
30. To ensure the heightening engineering of tailing dam to successfully carry through, siphonic drainage system was adopted to lower the phreatic line in the dam.
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