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Bloodhound in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-04-03Updated:2017-04-03
Similar words: bloodbloodyblood redbad bloodin cold bloodblood clotblood vesselblood streamMeaning: n. a breed of large powerful hound of European origin having very acute smell and used in tracking. 
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1. At least one was a good bloodhound.
2. We've also done one on the 18-inch Bloodhound model, but it was pressure-fed; it wasn't done using our new pump and that's the point about this upcoming test.
3. A full-scale model of the Bloodhound supersonic car was unveiled in Bristol, UK.
4. This kid is a bloodhound. Look at her!
5. The Bloodhound team expect the car to accelerate from 0-1, 000mph ((1, 610km/h) in 42 seconds and break the sound barrier.
6. The Bloodhound venture was conceived not just as another record bid but as a project that could inspire children to engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.
7. Some of our purebred pets like this bloodhound look like little mutants, and we love them, not in spite of their ugliness, but because of it.
8. Following the trail with the sureness of a bloodhound, came the general.
9. A pack of bloodhounds accompanied the men, including Balboya's stowaway bloodhound.
10. The Bloodhound can track a scent better, a German Shepherd guards better, a Greyhound is faster, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel fits much better on your lap than a Timber Wolf ever can!
11. The production of the Bloodhound car's body formally began last month.
12. We also need to remember that Bloodhound is not just about a speed record - it's about inspiring the next generation of engineers.
13. And Rathbone would be on the case, with his bloodhound and magnifying glass.
14. But in that she hadn't counted on Lori's erratic travelling or on Travis McKenna's bloodhound instincts.
14. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
15. She greeted Charlotte in a drawing room strewn with plants and pictures where an impassive bloodhound dozed before a blazing fire.
16. In this respect the role of an auditor may be likened to that of a watchdog rather than a bloodhound.
17. Added to the 90kN of thrust coming from the EJ200 Eurofighter-Typhoon jet, Bloodhound should have sufficient energy to put itself 8km away from a standing start in just 100 seconds.
18. Their whole nation is gripped by World Cup fever this month, but after that they're going to start promoting their next world-class event - Bloodhound SSC.
19. The control method has been agreed for the "winglets" on the nose and tail of Bloodhound.
20. Engineers at Cosworth will have to meet several new challenges to make the CA2010 work in Bloodhound.
21. Powered by a rocket bolted to a Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine, the Bloodhound car will mount an assault on the land speed record.
22. Powered by a rocket and a jet engine, the Bloodhound necessitates innovations--such as light but superstrong wheels and "smart" suspension systems--to endure sustained supersonic travel.
23. The highlight of the past month has been the design conference at the Bloodhound Technical Centre in Bristol.
24. Green, 47, told CNN: "As a pilot I am used to accelerating to 200mph and taking off, but as the driver of Bloodhound I am happy to say we are going to hit 1, 000mph and stay firmly on the ground.
25. Wing Cmdr Green is writing a diary for the BBC News Website about his experiences working on the Bloodhound project and the team's efforts to inspire national interest in science and engineering.
26. Some one and a half million children in more than 4, 000 British schools are now involved in the Bloodhound Education Programme.
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