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Outlaw in a sentence

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Synonym: convictcriminalexileoutcastSimilar words: burst out laughingoutletoutlinelawat lastjet laglawnat largeMeaning: ['aʊtlɔː]  n. someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime. v. declare illegal; outlaw. adj. 1. contrary to or forbidden by law 2. disobedient to or defiant of law. 
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1. Robin Hood was an outlaw who lived in the forest and stole from the rich to give to the poor.
2. The outlaw was granted sanctuary in the church.
3. The outlaw hid out in the hills for several months.
4. The new law will outlaw smoking in public places.
5. The outlaw has been caught.
6. He would outlaw tuning kit like Dynojet's Power Commander, which alters fuel injection and engine management systems.
7. Support for bill to outlaw hackers.
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8. He would outlaw abortion and end gun control.
9. Such legislation would outlaw any models which fell below a certain standard.
10. Tebbit found himself unable to outlaw the closed shop entirely.
11. Any attempt to dismantle the PTA or outlaw the plastic bullet could lead to a confrontation with police and Army chiefs.
12. Attempts to outlaw abortion have so far been unsuccessful.
13. It is an outlaw culture trying to play golf at Burning Tree.
14. The McNamara Bill calls on Parliament to outlaw foxhunting.
15. This, in effect, would outlaw the inflationary creation of money - a drastic change, if it happens.
16. The secret is to outlaw the revolving door.
17. It did not outlaw indirect discrimination and indeed the concept of indirect discrimination did not appear in the legislation.
18. Rather than outlaw the sale of live animals, we should require that all stores sell only live animals.
19. But the head of a coalition opposing the bill said laws already on the books outlaw electronic pirating.
20. Their purpose was to weaken the closed shop and to outlaw secondary picketing.
21. The same Bill will ban the remaining forms of secondary action[], and outlaw closed shop agreements altogether.
22. When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlawNelson Mandela 
23. This concern has been debated in Barnet where they have voted to outlaw one-off closures without discussion with their management committee.
24. She told me what she was looking for in the genealogy some kind of outlaw, I think.
25. He had remained faithful to the Party in its outlaw years, and had gone to prison for distributing subversive literature.
26. He accuses Boxer and others who are trying to outlaw his handguns of waging a kind of class warfare.
27. A Cabinet report does not, however, favour legislation to outlaw age discrimination.
28. So far, the United States has said it can not agree to outlaw all types of anti-personnel mines.
29. By 1980 the Republican Party platform had become antiabortion; and a president who pledged to outlaw abortion altogether had been elected.
30. Tall, trim and square of jaw, he looks more like a lawman than an outlaw.
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