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Belated in a sentence

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Synonym: lateoverduetardySimilar words: elatedrelatedrelated toelaterelateprelaterelate toelaboratedMeaning: [bɪ'leɪtɪd]  adj. after the expected or usual time; delayed. 
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1. They made a belated attempt to save her life.
2. I reveived a belated birthday card this morning.
3. His policies are now quite belated.
4. The award is being made in belated recognition of her services to the industry.
5. They did make a belated attempt to reduce the noise.
6. The statement was a belated acknowledgement that the project had not been a success.
7. John made a belated attempt to apologize.
8. Belated adopters kept using their typewriters.
9. Wigan's less grand Central Park should offer belated compensation.
10. Such a belated recognition is likely to strike a reader as old news.
11. In fact(, various techniques and a belated statutory intervention have combined to lessen the effect of the omission.
12. The Revolution certainly marked a belated victory for the policy of Exclusion, and finally established the legislative sovereignty of Parliament.
13. Since employees often complain about receiving belated information particular management attention should be given to correct timing.
14. It was while they were finishing their belated tea that Mrs Blunt arrived.
15. This appears to publicly mark a very belated end to an act of cultural vandalism that began nearly 60 years ago.
16. I got a belated birthday card from my cousin yesterday.
17. That belated discovery caused Sun to cancel the intended roll-out of the expected 514 model.
18. A belated rush to help is under way, complete with the good intentions and hazards that hasty rescues invariably bring.
19. Most importantly it is a belated recognition that imperialism offers a fantastically huge and barely mined seam of stories.
20. Their subsequent revival and belated acceptance into the rock fold was one of the period's more surprising reversals.
21. This was more than just a belated postscript to one of the closest and most bizarre elections in history.
22. He was given a belated birthday cake with 60 candles.
23. A local income tax would give councils the power to jeopardise Britain's belated conversion to a belief in low direct taxation.
24. Of course I welcome that, but it is a belated conversion.
25. There are, consequently, those who view her conversion to the cause as belated, possibly opportunistic.
26. His artlessness was boyish and so were his acuteness and his transparent but somewhat belated good sense.
27. The recent production of the play that used the gay version was a fascinating experiment, not a belated act of justice.
28. For this reason, Bachelard refers ironically to Sartre's phenomenology as a belated form of alchemy.
29. I set him down on the hood of the car and gave him a belated warning about snakes.
30. I'd have to tell you that it is an insipid and belated rehearsal of modernist experimentation with self-reflexivity.
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