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Absolute error in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2021-08-26Updated:2021-08-26
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1. This error is an absolute error, an angle , and it is measured in deg of rad.
2. Gives a calculation formula of the absolute error of specific frictional head losses.
3. The absolute error is no more than 3 sampling points, so it has more advantages compared with the traditional methods to judge the start point of reflect wave.
4. Pearson correlation was used to analyze the absolute error of angle and E/I strength ratio.
5. The mean absolute error and the mean square deviation obtained by the method show that the new method is more effective than the traditional iterative methods.
6. The relative and absolute error equations of closures are deduced,[sentencedict .com] which can be the reference of tracing ray quantities for solving the radiation transfer coefficient.
7. The ratio of an absolute error to the true, specified or theoretically correct value of the quantity that is in error.
8. The average value of absolute error is 2.05% and the biggest error is 5.12% in the model of loom efficiency. The results indicate that ANN model has high forecast precision .
9. This error is an absolute error, a distance , and it is measured in mm or inches.
10. The dB absolute error and dB relative error in electronic measurers are introduced.
11. Using central limit theorem, absolute error and confidence level of risk probability are provided according to simulation running times.
12. Absolute error and relative approximation were used as estimated indexes of semblance between testing QRS complex and sinus heart rhythm model.
13. The absolute error of each group is less than 2%.
14. Firstly, it is pointed out that the combination forecasting model of minimizing maximum absolute error is the special case and the solution of this model is given by linear programming.
15. Experiments show that the best semantic structured language model? headword trigram model? achieves 0.8% absolute error reduction and 8% relative error reduction over the trigram model.
16. The adaptive process of percentile is implemented based on a minimizing criterion of the mean absolute error. It can achieve a good de-noising effect.
17. In comparison with BP method and RBF method, the SVM method is proved to be the best in terms of absolute error, relative error, correlation coefficient and variance.
18. Experimental results show that the algorithm improves the performance of CF systems in both the recommendation quality and the efficiency, and decreases the mean absolute error about 6%.
19. Results show that the RBFNN is obviously superior to the traditional linear model, and its MAE (mean absolute error) and RMSE (root mean square error) are 41.8 and 55.7, respectively.
20. In this paper, the adaptive processing of the structuring element in complex ranked-order morphological filtering is implemented under the criterion of minimizing the mean absolute error(MAE).
21. The result showed that they had good linear relationship. The mean absolute error for 25 true measured points was 0.06.
22. Conclusion The approximate formula of circumferential stress and the absolute error is accepted, which is easy for the application.
23. Total 97.84 % of QRS complexes were identified using the absolute error similarity, while 100% and 95.38% of ectopia waveform and acoustical noise, 98.13% of sinuses and supraventricular QRS complex.
24. When we measure the electric machines with little steady voltage adjusting rate, the absolute error of the voltmeter reaches out of the range of the steady state voltage adjusting.
25. The results showed that the TVDI method could be used to predict the soil surface moisture and the mean absolute error of the simulation results with the observed soil moisture were with 15%.
26. Through the correlation radar parameter relative error and the echo intensity absolute error curve analysis, when the radar parameter antenna gain surpasses 0.
27. The resolution rate of QRS complex was 99.48% both with relative index and absolute error index.
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