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Absolutist in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-11-05Updated:2017-11-05
Similar words: absolutismabsolutionabsoluteabsolutelyabsolute zeroabsolute valueabsolute monarchyabsolute majorityMeaning: ['æbsə'luːtɪst]  n. one who advocates absolutism. adj. pertaining to the principle of totalitarianism. 
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(1) This absolutist belief is replaced by an appreciation that rules can vary.
(2) So far, the absolutist position has dominated Republican presidential politics.
(3) The other constraint on the absolutist interpretation of the sovereignty concept arose from Dicey's normativist conception of law.
(4) Kim created an impermeable and absolutist state that many have compared to a religious cult.
(5) The philosophy of Objectivism also takes a morally absolutist stance, as it regards the laws of morality to be, like the laws of physics, inherent in the universe itself.
(6) China, for example, clings to a very traditional, absolutist view that the U.S. right might appreciate.
(7) She does not take the absolutist view that companies should strive only to maximise profits while obeying the rules.
(8) In a characteristically absolutist passage, he writes, “True Democracy has but one method and one theory.”
(9) However, I don't believe in dogmatic, absolutist rules — your approach should depend on your business goals and target market.
(10) Nevertheless, it is pretty hard to defend absolutist morals on grounds other than religious ones.
(11) Governments, both absolutist and republican, deported him from their territories.
(12) Many religions have morally absolutist positions, regarding the system of morality as having been set by the deity or deities.
(13) Slow Gradual Fading of the Young Absolutist.
(14) One might, for example, be an Absolutist about liberal and a Relativist about vocational education.
(15) Two is an absolutist type.
(16) Scepticism about literary language, however, was not only the province of those opposed in some absolutist sense to literary practices.
(17) Let me mention, I've emphasized in many ways the absolutist and authoritarian side of Hobbes' teaching.
(18) In order to meet the new theoretical challenges and criticism, the principle of legality should change its absolutist position and forge ahead toward the relativist position.
(19) You don't forget such episodes—the truly innocent at the mercy of the truly evil—and they lead directly into the absolutist morals of Larsson's books, which may also be a powerful selling point.
(20) The holdings of the cases, therefore, belied the Court's absolutist language.
(21) Pei argues that Chinese communism is unable to overcome its absolutist, conspiratorial origins, its ‘original sin’.
(22) Even now, he had a stern, still handsome profile, the profile of an absolutist, a romantic.
(23) We need to talk about historiography, to surface this process, to challenge absolutist narratives of the past, and thus, those of the present and our future.
(24) Though philosophers have a natural penchant for being , Absolutists when they write about education, it is surprisingly hard to find good examples of this position—was Plato an Absolutist?
(25) We see that, above all, in how the recent debate has been obscured by two opposite and absolutist ends.
(26) Kant notwithstanding, it is tempting to agree with my hypothetical apologist that absolutist morals are usually driven by religion.
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