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Otherworldly in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-03-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: nonnaturalpreternaturaltranscendentalSimilar words: worldlyunderworldin other wordsworldoverworkworld warworldwideworld bankMeaning: ['ʌðə(r)'wɜrldlɪ /-'wɜːl-]  adj. existing outside of or not in accordance with nature. 
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1. The children in the picture look delicate and otherworldly, as though they had never run or shouted.
2. The humpback whales make otherworldly sounds.
3. A pacifist, a socialist, and many other wonderful, otherworldly things.
4. In this otherworldly space of time, the surprise could be complete.
4. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
5. Otherworldly Whispers: Gain bonus on Knowledge checks.
6. Have you told her about your otherworldly suspicions that lionel knows your secret?
7. Otherworldly animals are everywhere. I drove by a frilled lizard sunning in the road, neck wing fanned to its fullest.
8. The moon at sunrise lends an otherworldly feel to the freshwater lakes and pearly sands along the edge of lonely Shelburne Bay, on the remote northeast flank of the Cape York Peninsula.
9. He paints an otherworldly , murky scene of dread in the cemetery where lightening flashes and thunderroars.
10. Like the painters and poets who celebrated Fraser's otherworldly allure, they return home with stories and images of soul-stirring beauty.
11. This is not narcissism, but an otherworldly realm of life.
12. The naysayer is operating from a level of otherworldly omniscience and is in the wrong the field of work.
13. The otherworldly Dragon's Blood Trees and other 700 rare species of flora and fauna have drawn people to Socotra,( an island in the Indian Ocean.
14. The otherworldly contours of this ice chamber were formed by the heat of a geothermal spring.
15. Add it all up and you get this otherworldly, desolate feeling.
16. They encourage an image of the region as an otherworldly sort of place.
17. Did he expect his themes to develop in the field through otherworldly means?
18. The meeting promises a veritable smorgasbord of all things otherworldly, this time with a focus on those eerie Phoenix lights.
19. On a superficial level, it has given the undersea hot springs their otherworldly look.
20. The waters of Bali, Indonesia, are home to this otherworldly creature peacock mantis shrimp ( Odontodactylus scyllarus ) .
21. He no longer draws the double-team effectively and lacks the movement necessary to be the otherworldly defensive presence he was for nearly a dozen years.
22. Change the belief, measure out each with care and you can create otherworldly violet.
23. Swimming among these graceful sea creatures is a truly otherworldly experience.
24. Medea turns impatiently to the king's daughters, who hover in a trance, drugged by the witch's herbs and humbled by her otherworldly powers. "Why do you hesitate and do nothing?"
25. To visit his home near Sherborne, Dorset, is to enter an otherworldly kingdom colonised by shimmering winged insects with names like the Grizzled Skipper and Glanville Fritillary.
26. The waters of Bali, Indonesia, are home to this otherworldly creature, a peacock mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus).
27. Tufa, the unusual rock formations that jut out of Mono Lake in California's Eastern Sierra, are famous for their otherworldly beauty.
28. The blast also a rift in Nether itself, drawing the otherworldly Ethereal's into Outland.
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