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Trope in a sentence

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Similar words: allotroperopegropeproperropeyrope offeuroperope inMeaning: [trəʊp]  n. language used in a figurative or nonliteral sense. 
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(1) Brooke-Rose reverses this familiar postmodernist trope by focusing instead on the relation between the characters and their readers.
(2) The trope of sight is obviously extremely important here.
(3) So we've already seen the trope of the house.
(4) It's a Murakami trope, this, the single life split in two, either through radical change in circumstance or in the gap between the exterior and interior life of a divided self.
(5) The scheme became a common trope in detective fiction, but there are almost no documented cases of a criminal forging another person's fingerprint.
(6) I talked to Yaacov Trope, a New York University professor who has researched how people's reactions change as they get nearer to a situation.
(7) The cougar trope started out as a joke about desperate older women. Now it's gone mainstream, even in Hollywood, home to the 50-something producer with a starlet on his arm.
(8) Dr. Trope believes the shift in my mind occurred when dropping prices suddenly made a big-screen TV a real possibility for me.
(9) His new book, 11/22/63, riffs on an old trope: If you could go back in time and stop a horrible event, would you?
(10) He was acting on a common trope in literature: the collapse of our technology and a return to old ways.
(11) Inverted Mariolatry is a trope of the French erotic tradition, which endlessly retells the same story of defilement.
(12) Reflection is the master trope of the painting, but this trope is anchored by the representation of disability, whether the work portrays one or two women.
(13) Knowledge of their ontological status thus functions in Textermination as a trope for indeterminacy.
(14) In effect, Freud attributes to the unconscious the power of a writer brilliantly deploying the classical tropes to transform his material.
(15) A benefits package is a very marketable advantage, one that Trope hopes will give them the edge over other independent labels.
(16) The movement was also programmatically self-conscious, one of the modernist tropes.
(17) It's useful to keep that in mind as the trope about soft power again gets earnestly bandied about, only this time with China as the newly ascendant power.
(18) Poor messaging isn't the only possible cause for the increase in denial: politicians — mostly on the right — have aggressively pushed the climate-change-is-a-hoax trope.
(19) She sits on the stairs of her lovely suburban home and raises her skirts, parting her legs—the standard trope of female submission.
(20) IBM knew from the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue days that we're all suckers for the "man vs. machine" trope, going back to John Henry's mythical race against the steam-powered hammer.
(21) But there was also something comic in her chosen image for man's transience—the indestructible trope of the doomed mayfly.
(22) Pythagoras believed the souls of poets passed into swans, a fitting entombment that turns the tattered phrase "poetry in motion" into a truly lyrical trope.
(23) Sabbath Lily The first quotation from Sabbath Lily of course focuses on the eyes, and it is not hard to read into Haze Motes's name that the trope of sight is going to be important.
(24) Secondly chapter mostly discuss dufu 's sensibility change and trope imago relation osculation.
(25) They are the epitome of in-one-ear-and-out-the-other, which was my mother's trope for a failure to connect.
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