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Suffix in a sentence

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Antonym: prefixSimilar words: sufficesufficientsufficiencysuffersuffragesuffocatesufferingsuffer fromMeaning: ['sʌfɪks]  n. an affix that is added at the end of the word. v. attach a suffix to. 
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(1) The details about the data suffix the text.
(2) These ships were all numbered with the suffix LBK.
(3) The suffix " ist " can be added to'sex " to form the word'sexist ".
(4) The suffix '-ness' added to the end of the word 'sweet' forms the word 'sweetness', changing an adjective into a noun.
(5) So the -tu suffix is added to the man.
(6) The word is usefully, with the suffix -ly in a different colour.
(7) And once again we have to add another suffix -yi to the verb to indicate the switch.
(8) The discovery of sign suffix effects is a further part of the jigsaw of sign processing effects.
(9) Yiddish characteristically uses a suffix that connotes endearment and familiarity.
(10) Elsewhere, the suffix -tun indicates in the place name the former existence of a farm or hamlet.
(11) These include code reduction functions, prefix and suffix operations, scatter operations and data sorting.
(12) The suffix distinguished name is not case sensitive.
(13) Therefore, this article applies suffix tree algorithm to the meta search engines, and designs a meta search engine systems with a clustering algorithm.
(14) A "1" suffix indicates no grid current flows, while a "2" suffix indicates grid current flows for some part of the cycle.
(15) The suffix - er is added to verbs to form nouns.
(16) The numerical suffix appended to the class designation indicates whether or not grid current flows in any appreciable portion of the cycle.
(17) To specify, add . 67 suffix to Series Number selected.
(18) A small but expanding open set of adverbs is marked by the suffix -wise, as in clockwise.
(19) The letter $ is introduced in the second volume as a plural suffix to graphic symbols.
(20) The difference is that concord particles precede the verb, whereas-5 is an inflectional suffix on the verb.
(21) A small number of nouns which refer to professions have masculine and feminine forms, with the suffix -ess indicating feminine gender.
(22) I wish to apply for the log book to retain the original suffix.
(23) But that's all changed now, the credibility of dotcoms is so low among investors that companies are shedding the suffix.
(24) This paper improves on the two algorithms of the Chinese literature auto indexing, the method of Stop Word Suffix List and the method of Single Chinese Character.
(25) At the same time, by adopting the zoning searching method the algorithm constructs a suffix tree for each frequent page node, and then mines continuous frequent access paths by visiting the tree.
(26) In order to improve the updating speed, it makes use of non-compact suffix tree to incrementally insert the new user request and delete the outdated browsing information.
(27) For your translation routine, you only make two changes to this file. You simply change the suffix and the JSP file name to reflect the JSP file that would be called for translation.
(28) The command searches your entire home directory (find /home/joe) to find all regular files (-type f) with the suffix .txt, and then runs the grep command to search for the string Monthly Report.
(29) A floating literal consists of an integer part, a decimal point, a fraction part, ane or E, an optionally signed integer exponent, and an optional type suffix.
(30) A scientific name of taxon at the rank of subfamily . Such names have the suffix - INAE.
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