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Single out in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: discriminateseparateSimilar words: singleincreasinglysurprisinglyanglejungleseeminglysingermissingMeaning: v. 1. select from a group 2. treat differently on the basis of sex or race. 
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1. Which would you single out as the best?
2. We wanted to single out the main threat to civilisation.
3. It would be invidious to single out any one person to thank.
4. He said it was wrong to single out any section of society for Aids testing.
5. I single out Attitash only because I was there.
6. I will single out two of them.
7. He didn't single out anyone by name.
7. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
8. It can single out for special treatment the special aggravating features of a crime.
9. They single out an old, young, or infirm animal and only then start the chase.
10. We single out technology and the structure of international finance as the primary driving forces for change.
11. The food-finder might instead single out one other nest mate, and then lead it alone back to the food source.
12. I'd be hard pushed to single out any particular track for special praise.
13. The unforgiving finger of fate always seemed to single out Frank Haffey but eventually the fall-guy had his day.
14. The Prodigy release their new single Out of Space next week their maddest offering to date.
15. It is almost invidious to single out specific examples of success.
16. The mobile phone is then instructed to single out and decipher only the conversation with the right code.
17. It's grossly unfair for television to single out one player from one game and conduct a kangaroo court there and then.
18. The girl is single out to represent the school.
19. They single out the biggest apple.
20. If possible, single out a particularly helpful person.
21. Newton's laws of motion do not single out a direction of time.
22. But you cannot single out just one player on Saturday for an average performance.
23. But perhaps it's unfair to single out the French for their ability to demonise certain manifestations of the free flow in people, business and culture while happily accepting others.
24. Match at will on this model, can single out the dress that suits oneself most.
25. Don't single out the overweight members of your family for lifestyle changes.
26. To single out such women, she came up with a clever test.
27. But at other times it may be very difficult to single out policy issues that divide the parties.
28. No doubt there are many, but I would like to single out just three.
29. After the buy, and the price is up, so why single out?
30. Poll then selection class is beautiful , did a tax, single out the most beautiful two schoolgirls.
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