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Selectively in a sentence

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Sentence count:126Posted:2017-05-21Updated:2017-05-21
Similar words: selectivecollectivelyselective serviceelectivesubjectivelyeffectivelyobjectivelyrespectivelyMeaning: adv. in a selective manner. 
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1 The printer is being selectively marketed in a handful of countries.
2 Within the project, trees are selectively cut on a 25-year rotation.
3 The product will be selectively marketed in Europe and the US.
4 By selectively removing certain males and females he tested various theories about why more males did not have multiple wives.
5 Slowly and selectively the understanding of change and the desire to participate began to spread.
6 We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions. Brene Brown 
7 Thus these phenotypes are selectively advantageous for the microorganisms.
8 But exactly how viral protein synthesis is selectively inhibited, leaving cellular protein synthesis relatively unaffected, is still not clear.
9 Use weed killers very selectively, for spot rather than general treatment.
10 Rather, people interpret and retain media information selectively to reinforce their existing attitudes.
11 A membrane selectively permeable to gases separates the buffer from the blood sample.
12 Option 1.3.2 or 1.3.3 may be used to selectively read out the modules that are not in error.
13 The results showed that S. cerevisiae C could selectively utilize sucrose and the residual rate of stachyose and raffinose could be more than 96%.
14 It is possible that prefrontal lobe is selectively involved in EBPM, but less involved in TBPM.
15 Adenosine A(subscript 2A) receptors are selectively localized in basal ganglia and can affect the locomotor activity.
16 The antenna switch unit is selectively coupled to the first antenna or the second antenna.
17 People can subscribe to selectively, read take these words, with assemblyman people communication.
18 Many microorganisms synthesize and excrete compounds which are selectively toxic to other microorganisms.
19 The law is framed widely, in the expectation that it will be enforced selectively.
20 Previous research has suggested that there may be barriers to particular types of occupation which selectively prevent women from entering them.
21 For plain cooking,( look for a cookbook written before World War Il. 20. Use coupons selectively.
22 There is thus no evidence to suggest that definition expansion may provide useful information when applied selectively to highly distinctive words.
23 The left selective-attention system directed at retaining verbal information dominated the choice of what was to be selectively retained from the environment.
24 If so, then Social Darwinism would work just as selectively in government where the bureaucratic struggle is reputedly severe.
25 It is thus possible that the two exchangers have distinct functional roles and are selectively regulated.
26 Now enlightened farmers are fencing off and replanting areas which can he selectively utilised for animal feeding.
27 Labour's acceptance of the market strengthens the increasingly powerful case for government intervening selectively.
28 These activities supported high-stakes gambling, for example,( on the outcome of fights between selectively bred bull terriers.
29 You would deduce that the lymphocytes, having specific receptors, would be selectively concentrated at that site.
30 The research improvement for the synthesis of acetophenone by ethylbenzene selectively catalytic oxidation using hydrogen peroxide or molecular oxygen as clean oxidant is described.
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