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Rise in a sentence

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Synonym: advanceappearascendbegingainget upgo upgrowincreasemountmutinyoriginaterebelrevoltriotstandstartAntonym: descendsetSimilar words: arisecomprisesurprisedgive rise toenterprisefree enterprisewiseraiseMeaning: [raɪz]  n. 1. a growth in strength or number or importance 2. the act of changing location in an upward direction 3. an upward slope or grade (as in a road) 4. a movement upward 5. the amount a salary is increased 6. the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises 7. a wave that lifts the surface of the water or ground 8. (theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost 9. an increase in cost 10. increase in price or value. v. 1. move upward 2. increase in value or to a higher point 3. rise to one's feet 4. rise up 5. come to the surface 6. become more extreme 7. come into existence; take on form or shape 8. be promoted, move to a better position 9. go up or advance 10. get up and out of bed 11. rise in rank or status 12. increase in volume 13. become heartened or elated 14. exert oneself to meet a challenge 15. take part in a rebellion; renounce a former allegiance 16. come up, of celestial bodies 17. return from the dead. 
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1 He that will thrive must rise at five. 
2 Truth, once crushed, will rise again. 
3 Better go to bed supperless than rise in debt. 
4 One may sooner fall than rise
5 Those who sleep with dogs will rise with fleas. 
6 Who makes everything right must rise early. 
7 He that lies down [sleeps] with dogs must rise up with fleas. 
8 He who does not rise early never does a good day’s work. 
9 He that lies down with dogs must rise up with fleas. 
10 Go to bed with the lamb and rise with the lark. 
11 Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy,( wealthy and wise. 
12 Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. 
13 No friendship lives long that owes its rise to the pot. 
14 The probability is that prices will rise rapidly.
15 When water boils, bubbles rise to the surface.
16 High mountains rise above the plain.
17 He who falls today may rise tomorrow.
18 I daren't ask her for a rise.
19 The price of cigarettes is set to rise again.
20 House prices are expected to rise sharply.
21 People made a protest about the rise in prices.
22 She kneaded the dough and left it to rise.
23 Gas charges will rise in July.
24 Contrary to expectations, interest rates did not rise.
25 The expectation is that property prices will rise.
26 He was wont to rise early.
27 A rise in the interest rates seems inevitable.
28 If I don't get a pay rise I'll quit.
29 Wherever in the world a people knows desperate want, there must appear at least the spark of hope, the hope of progress--or there will surely rise at last the flames of conflict. 
30 The most glorious moment in your life are not the socalled days of success, but rather those days when out of dejection and despair you feel rise in you a challenge to life, and the promise of future accomplishment. 
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