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Restitute in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2017-03-24Updated:2017-03-24
Similar words: destituterestitutioninstitutesubstituteconstituteprostitutereconstituteinstitutionMeaning: ['restɪtuːt /-tju-] v. 1. give or bring back 2. restore to a previous or better condition. 
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1. A decision to restitute gold requires support from an 85 percent majority of the total voting power.
2. The meaning of fei-ming's workings is to restitute and extending the hidden functions of fiction that had once possessed.
3. To restitute archaic geographical entironment and make a discussion disc combined with the cause of the New Stone Age culture area variety by entironment vicissitude.
3. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
4. Service the Development, Engage Talents, Position Talents, Restitute the System, Explore High Talents and Equalize the Overall Instigation.
5. He was obliged to restitute the money to its owner.
6. Normally, obligor can restitute only from the assignor if the creditor's right assigned doesn't exist or obligor revokes the contract.
7. The court ordered the people living in the house to restitute it to its rightful owners.
8. Investigate and explore the treatment to reduce the spinal cord injury and restitute the spinal cord function has become an important subject in medicine field .
9. Secondly, this paper elaborated the process of making use of the virtual reality technology to restitute ancient architecture, and meanwhile, summarized some steps which need to pay attention to.
10. Human organism could keep healthy through regulating homeostasis itself, but when interference force is above self-regulation force, external factors are needed to restitute the homeostasis.
11. On the other hand, virtual reality have good effect in character's virtual restitute, which satisfied the need of museum to exhibit Bamboo Slips to people in effective and low-cost way.
12. When the assignment is invalid, obligor has the right to restitute from assignee those obligor gives to the assignee and in theory the right is the claim of property right or unjust enrichment.
13. Tidy up the connected and well wrapped wires, try to restitute it and make it well viewed.
14. Conclusion After the cervical spinal canal internal and external tumor resection, cervical lateral mass plate technique can restitute the stability of cervical spine much better.
15. Any of conferees invited by the sponsor can request these secret shadows from tof these n servers, and then restitute conference key by them.
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