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Pull apart in a sentence

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1. This toy is made to pull apart.
2. These pieces of ice don't pull apart easily.
3. The last essay I gave him he completely pulled apart.
4. They went for each other with their fists and had to be pulled apart.
5. As the curtains were pulled apart, we saw the actors on the stage.
6. The engine was pulled apart for modifications and then reassembled.
7. Does the crust separate or pull apart from itself just under the dome?
8. The kill is pulled apart in a way most people would find unedifying, despite assurances.
9. Then comes anaphase I: the quartet of chromatids are pulled apart so as to form two sets of paired chromatids.
10. Gyggle's hideous cheesecloth shirt, the buttons pulled apart to the sternum,( revealing still more tight ginger curlicues.
11. He succeeded in pulling apart my clenched arms and started on my legs.
12. But I fear we are now being pulled apart - by commercial pressures and by the changes forced upon the broadcasting environment.
13. Jack instinctively moved to the window and pulled apart the curtains. Sunlight streamed in.
14. He said something, and they pulled apart and both started talking at once.
15. Concrete is extremely strong when compressed but has no strength at all when pulled apart.
16. The carcass is then pulled apart, but that is a natural thing for hounds to do.
16. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
17. The rope might pull apart.
18. Which angels hold. And devils pull apart.
19. Perhaps I need to pull apart another SCR and try the arc welding approach.
20. We could not pull apart two plates which enclosed a vacuum.
21. These verbs mean to separate or pull apart by force.
22. The meat should be soft enough to pull apart very easily.
23. Pull apart the soft, grey graphite and you have a flimsy sheet of carbon atoms just one atom thick, called graphene, whose electrons ping around the surface like balls in a pinball machine.
24. Tertiary pull apart basin named Laolongwan basin was found in the Haiyuan fault zone.
25. Take the other 8ins piece and pull apart longways so you have two 8ins pieces - are you still with me?
26. According to the analysis of Mesozoic and Cenozoic tectonic evolution, Bohai Bay basin is a strike slip pull apart basin formed in the Cenozoic Eocene epoch.
27. Brashly promising to deliver a 30 percent reduction in production costs, Wiedeking brought in a team of Japanese time and motion experts from Toyota to ruthlessly pull apart the existing system.
28. If the weld is done well, it is impossible to pull apart.
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