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Prejudicial in a sentence

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Synonym: damagingdetrimentalprejudiciousSimilar words: prejudiceprejudicedunprejudicedjudicialjudicial branchjudicial reviewjudicial activismjudiciaryMeaning: [‚predʒʊ'dɪʃl] adj. 1. (sometimes followed by `to') causing harm or injury 2. tending to favor preconceived ideas. 
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1 Too much smoking is prejudicial to health.
2 The news - report was prejudicial to the defendant's case.
3 These prejudicial policies often incite dissension within the Union.
4 With others we have prejudicial associations at the level of racial stereotypes.
5 The reporter's coverage resulted in prejudicial publicity for the defendant.
6 Reverent but prejudicial Ancestor Worship - one of China's immense Cemeteries, which seriously lessen her productive land area.
7 Fraternization within the chain of command, prejudicial to good order and discipline.
8 Prejudicial looked attentively at the amblyopia cure henceforth to bring very great difficulty.
9 A trial invalid because of basic prejudicial error in procedure.
10 You could face up to eight years in jail for spreading rumours considered prejudicial to security.
11 The judge decided that allowing the videotape as evidence would be prejudicial to the outcome of the trial.
12 If the Proof was heard in Kirkwall she said it would be prejudicial to certain adult witnesses that would be called.
13 The directors consider that such disclosures would be seriously prejudicial to the interests of the group.
14 A resident of Kimbolton Road expressed the fear that the new infirmary might be prejudicial to his property.
15 Such a doctor would have an informed knowledge of the subject before coming into contact with any prejudicial remarks.
16 They could not have known whether it would be prejudicial to the administration of justice if the facts were made public.
17 Thus the Regulations aim to ensure that useful information will be passed on but possibly prejudicial information will not.
18 The Court of first instance decided that there had not been unfairly prejudicial conduct.
19 However, the question was whether it did so in a way that was unfairly prejudicial to Mr Nicholas.
20 He claimed that Electronics' actions in withholding money due to Magnetics were prejudicial to the minority shareholders.
21 The probative value of the evidence was said to outweigh its prejudicial effect.
22 Her article in the Mail on Sunday was seriously prejudicial to the burglary charge but it was not a contempt.
23 Practitioners need a clear understanding of the processes by which social inequalities of various forms are derived from prejudicial and stereotypical attitudes.
24 Paraphilia is sometimes used by laypeople in a more judgemental or prejudicial sense, to categorize sexual desires or activities lying well outside the societal norm.
25 The judge declared a mistrial, saying that Christofferson-Titchbourne's lawyers had presented prejudicial arguments.
26 Since the Administrator had relied on their assessments, the error was prejudicial and reversal was required.
27 Evidence should only be excluded if its probative value was outweighed by its prejudicial effect.
28 Opening statements are not evidential,( and judges normally keep tight control so that no prejudicial or inflammatory remarks are made.
29 The judge agreed with the prosecution that such information would be too prejudicial for the jury to hear.
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