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Potential energy in a sentence

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Sentence count:88Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: potentialpotentiallygeothermal energychemical energymechanical energyelectrical energypotentiapestilentialMeaning: n. the mechanical energy that a body has by virtue of its position; stored energy. 
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(1) These are kinetic energy and potential energy.
(2) Systems tend to a minimum in potential energy.
(3) There is also gravitational potential energy.
(4) It loses potential energy until it reaches a minimum at the bottom of the hill.
(5) Cellulose represents an important potential energy source for herbivores but the breakdown of cell fibre presents herbivores with difficulties.
(6) Marine gas hydrate is a great potential energy source.
(7) The pent-up potential energy coursing through his musculature?
(8) Potential energy is convertible to kinetic energy.
(9) Equation expresses the principle of minimum potential energy.
(10) Electric potential is the potential energy of electrons at a certain point.
(11) In this MCAI course ware( energy.html), the potential energy surface of a bimolecular reaction system that is composed of three atoms has been described figuratively.
(12) Potential energy surface ( PES ) is a basis of molecular reactive dynamics.
(13) The potential energy of certain spatially uniform fields can act much like a cosmological constant.
(14) The potential energy surface with zero - point energy correction is drawn.
(15) The manifestation of kinetic energy and potential energy(, and the transformable relationship between the alternatives were described.
(16) In this paper, the interactional potential energy of graviton is simply discussed in tree level approximation.
(17) In the circumstances the potential energy turns to kinetic energy.
(18) A two - dimensional potential energy surface was presented to show the direct dissociation.
(19) The third property of a polymer which affects its mechanical behaviour is the between-chain potential energy.
(20) This would lead into a study of kinetic and potential energy.
(21) For a compound particle, the constituents ' rest mass and also their kinetic energy of motion and potential energy of interactions contribute to the particle's total mass.
(22) A long term scheduling model in Three Gorges cascades is building by maximizingthe stored potential energy at the end of planning horizon.
(23) The Other is to get the value through the stationary value principle of general potential energy or other similitude method with correlation energy.
(24) It is a free electron so there is no potential energy to be accounted for.
(25) You may say, gee, - that's sort of a strange thing-- negative potential energy.
(26) According to Hertz contact theory, this paper discussed the elastic deformation in the ball screw systems and elastic potential energy caused by it.
(27) We seem to be considering chemical bonding solely in terms of potential energy.
(28) He believes the city's economic development will continue to be strong in the next few years, but may level off with a potential energy crises.
(29) The air flows down to a shaft and thus loses potential energy.
(30) Through the method of life cycle analysis used to evaluate building energy-saving transformation, the potential energy consumption of building materials are noticed gradually by people.
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