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Triplet in a sentence

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Similar words: tripletriplextriplicateprinciplemultiplediscipleprinciplesrippleMeaning: ['trɪplɪt]  n. 1. the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one 2. one of three offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy 3. a set of three similar things considered as a unit. 
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1. A triplet sleeps amongst its two siblings.
2. The 1,3,2,4-dithiadiazoles show a 1:1:1 triplet due to the spare electron being largely localised at the nitrogen atom remote from the ring substituent.
3. The triplet groove can be specifically written as triplets or a triplet feel can be implied.
4. The first is the eighth note triplet shuffle and the second is the sixteenth note triplet or the half-time shuffle feel.
5. The basic state of carbene is singlet or triplet.
6. Results show that the excited triplet state of ketocon-marin derivatives can be quenched by iodonium salts through the mechanism of electron transfer.
7. In 1977 Takahashi introduced their second triplet fluorite apochromat the TS-90 a 90mm x 1000mm and the 90S mount and the famous JP mount in 1979.
8. When the amine was used as a triplet quencher, the ketyl radical of ketocoumarin can be observed evidently.
9. A hex triplet is a six-digit, three-byte hexadecimal number to represent colors.
10. The content of triplet is: " Come quickly by a the closest train, wait turn. "
11. All triplet brothers born in 1991 have enrolled in Shanghai's prestigious Jiao Tong University this summer.
12. In the experiments, the influence of triplet state quencher on dye's lasing lifetime was also tested. Two triplet state quenchers which can ameliorate dye's lasing lifetime effectively were found.
13. In this OPU, we use a triplet lens to collimate the laser beam.
14. Therefore, the hepatopulmonary syndrome substantially is a triplet that consists of liver disease, dilatation of the pulmonary microcirculation, and hypoxemia.
15. The quantum yield and lifetime of the triplet states of three kinds of phthalocyanines were measured, and results showed agree with the photodynamic therapeutical effects.
16. Passive positioning with triplet linear array is a very useful method for target detecting.
17. Because of this coding relationship, triplet of bases is called a codon.
18. One highly successful approach utilizes a triplet aspheric lens array.
19. A novel fragile watermarking approach based on the triplet of wavelet coefficients is proposed.
20. This has an uptempo, hard-driving type of quarter note triplet feel.
21. The distorted shape and faint tidal tail suggest that NGC 3628 is interacting gravitationally with the other spiral galaxies in the Leo triplet, M66 and M65.
22. The human proinsulin analog(BKRA)gene molecules were linked tandemly with synthetic nucleotide linker coding RRNSM to form a triplet molecule.
23. There are a number of ways in which one can construct a triplet code.
24. The above mentioned three kinds of bosons form an isospin
25. Similarly, at bar 74 the semiquaver upbeat to the third beat should probably be executed as a triplet upbeat to those that follow in the right hand.
26. The distributions of Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) in the Dye Laser Amplifier (DLA) as well as the excited level and triplet state populations of the dye have been reported.
27. This article describes a new indexing method of sci tech documents OAV triplet method.
28. Many multi chromophoric organic dyes with covalent linkage between the chromophores, one of which can act as a triplet acceptor of the excess energy, have been synthesized and studied.
29. The TS80 built in April of 1972 was the first triplet apochromat Takahashi telescope built.
30. Potential energy curves of enantiotropy reactions in the ground state, the first singlet and the first triplet excited state were calculated by changing on-off bond-length of fulgides point by point.
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