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Longitude in a sentence

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Antonym: latitudeSimilar words: aptitudeattitudeturpitudebeatitudeamplitudegratitudemagnitudesimilitudeMeaning: n. the angular distance between a point on any meridian and the prime meridian at Greenwich. 
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1. Terrestrial longitude is measured in degrees east or west of the Greenwich meridian.
2. He noted the latitude and longitude, then made a mark on the admiralty chart.
3. The town is at longitude 28° west.
4. The prime meridian of longitude is in Greenwich, South London.
5. Our position is longitude 116 degrees east.
6. The city is at longitude 21? ? east.
7. This line of longitude cuts through the jungle.
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8. This amount nearly totaled the remainder of the longitude prize due him, but it was not the coveted prize.
9. So-called solutions to the longitude problem had been a dime a dozen even before the act went into effect.
10. Perhaps there was a way to read longitude in the relative positions of the celestial bodies.
11. The Longitude Act established a blue ribbon panel of judges that became known as the Board of Longitude.
12. In the course of their struggle to find longitude, scientists struck upon other discoveries that changed their view of the universe.
13. All places on the same meridian have the same longitude.
14. A similar feature is found at 13 degrees North between 230 degrees and 250 degrees longitude.
15. They were still travelling along the same line of longitude.
16. The separate failures of these two giants seemed to dampen the prospects for ever solving the longitude problem with a clock.
17. No one knows when or how Harrison first heard word of the longitude prize.
18. The spring of 1765 brought Harrison further woes(, in the form of a new longitude act from Parliament.
19. From A it is parallel transported along the equator to B and then returned along another line of longitude to the pole.
20. It was clear to him now that any hope of settling the longitude matter lay in the stars.
21. Moreover it can also be used to pinpoint any archaeological finds by giving accurate latitude and longitude positions.
22. All these threads, and more, entwine in the lines of longitude.
23. Palatial observatories were founded at Paris, London, and Berlin for the express purpose of determining longitude by the heavens.
24. Ptolemy was free, however, to lay his prime meridian, the zero-degree longitude line, wherever he liked.
25. Robison and Harrison then synchronized their watches to fix the longitude of Port Royal by the time difference between them.
26. After about two weeks, long cracks had developed in the egg, lines of longitude.
27. Galileo was no sailor, but he knew of the longitude problem-as did every natural philosopher of his day.
28. This new act of 1773 repealed all the previous legislation on longitude.
29. Meanwhile, far from the hilltop haunts of astronomers, craftsmen and clockmakers pursued an alternate path to a longitude solution.
30. They continuously transmit coded signals and time data that receivers use to compute latitude and longitude.
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