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Plague in a sentence

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Synonym: annoybadgerbotherdiseaseepidemicharasshauntmolestpesterpestilencetormenttroublevexworrySimilar words: vagueleaguecolleagueplagiarizecoagulateflagjet lagguestMeaning: [pleɪg]  n. 1. a serious (sometimes fatal) infection of rodents caused by Yersinia pestis and accidentally transmitted to humans by the bite of a flea that has bitten an infected animal 2. any epidemic disease with a high death rate 3. a swarm of insects that attack plants 4. any large scale calamity (especially when thought to be sent by God) 5. an annoyance. v. 1. cause to suffer a blight 2. annoy continually or chronically. 
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1. Please one’s eye and plague one’s heart. 
2. Plenty is no plague.
3. The plague has spread over many states.
4. The population was decimated by a plague.
5. The plague was greatly feared in the Middle Ages.
6. Plague was once very common here.
7. I love you like a god of plague and why I treat you like a lover.
8. The plague caused 100[sentencedict .com],000 deaths in London alone in the 1600s.
9. The city is under threat from a plague of rats.
10. Financial problems continued to plague the company.
11. He was carried away by the plague.
12. At that time the plague struck in Europe.
13. The plague struck London again with devastating effect.
14. Fears about job security plague nearly half the workforce.
15. A terrible plague hit the whole Europe.
16. A plague of squirrels is threatening our forests.
17. The plague once could wipe out a village.
18. The city is suffering a plague of rats.
19. What a plague that boy is!
20. A plague of locusts afflicted the land.
21. Plague was then prevailing in that city.
22. The plague struck the whole of Europe.
23. Bubonic plague struck London in 1665.
24. The region has just suffered a plague of locusts.
25. She's been avoiding me like the plague since the party last Saturday.
26. The plague struck Europe.
27. He's been avoiding me like the plague since our quarrel.
28. Nearly a third of the population died in the Great Plague.
29. The incidence of cholera in the camps has reached plague proportions.
30. Half of the population was wiped out by the plague.
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