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Phonology in a sentence

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Similar words: chronologydemonologytechnologymonologuemorphologyendocrinologychronologicalsiphon offMeaning: [fəʊ'nɑlədʒɪ /-'nɒ-]  n. the study of the sound system of a given language and the analysis and classification of its phonemes. 
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1. I studied phonology in depth at university.
2. Have some spare copies of your phonology or grammar write-ups to give to anyone interested.
3. She went and she took um, phonology, some uh voice work?
4. The above examples all relate to phonology, but there are examples of mis-adaptation from the grammar as well.
5. In generative phonology, the claim is that, at the abstract level, vowels are simply tense or lax.
6. What is suprasegmental phonology? What a re suprasegmental features?
7. Introduction to Syntax, Morphology and Phonology.
8. From the viewpoint of the phonology , we emend the words in different editions of Liu's poems.
9. This paper describes the phonology of Hakka dialect in Shijiao, Lianjiang, including phonological system and its features, and lists the syllabary.
10. Phonology played an role early in Chinese reading and homophone errors more easily than non - homophone ones.
11. Distinctive features: a term of phonology, i . e . a property which distinguishes one phoneme from another.
12. The English phonetics and phonology are two major branches of the English linguistics.
13. Reviewing philology phonology dialectology and lexis studying history, which aiming at the annotation of Lushi - chunqiu's. "
14. Comparative study of phonology of this dialect is of great theoretical significance and academic value.
15. The Chinese phonology is a study that deals with the Chinese phonological system and the laws of its development.
16. The treatment of rhythmical hierarchy is based on the comparatively recent theory of metrical phonology.
17. But if the lexicon is not complete, then neither is the syntax, semantics or phonology likely to be.
18. Many different theoretical approaches have been developed,[] and no area of phonology has been free from critical examination.
19. This would mean that the patient is heavily reliant on assembled phonology.
20. In distinctive feature analysis the features themselves thus become important components of the phonology.
21. The following is essentially a list of categorized items to ask for, so that you can get quickly into segmental phonology.
22. It's not a full-blown language like american sign-language or langue des signes quebecoise but it's a language nonetheless, with words and syntax and phonology.
23. However, they are extremely similar in diffa few points of phonology, vocabulary, and grammar.
24. It is suggested that:(1) The study on stress patterns of non-neutral disyllable words in Mandarin belongs to the field of prosodic phonology rather than that of lexicological phonology.
25. Methods of Approach to Study of Speech and Language: Speech Production, Acoustics, Perception, Segments and Features, Phonology , Syntax.
26. Glottal stop did not exist according to the structure of original phonology in Japanese.
27. Both of them have an important value on the study of phonology, philology and scholium . Based on the collation, this paper is to do a in-depth research from philology and scholium .
27. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
28. Firstly, the article analyses the long and short vowel system of Zhuang language and Yue dialect with the phonology and phonetics method.
29. As one of the moat important theories in structural linguistics, markedness theory was first put forward by the Prague School in their description of some of the contrastive phenomena in phonology.
30. The student was grilled for two hours on the subject of phonology.
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