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Pathologically in a sentence

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Similar words: pathologicalpathologicmythologicalornithologicalmorphologicallypsychologicallymethodologicallypathologistMeaning: adv. with respect to pathology. 
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1. Stephen was almost pathologically jealous of his brother.
2. Most factors that normally or pathologically alter renal magnesium excretion operate in the loop of Henle.
3. It embraces the pathologically anti-government paranoia that has become the Red Menace of our time.
4. Indeed I was forgetful, pathologically so, and for this too I felt nothing but remorse.
5. Yet who was this pathologically reclusive artist?
6. The action is evaluated clinically, gastroscopically, pathologically , bacteriologically and immunologically. The result suggests that this prescription is similar to...
7. The X-ray changes of 10 cases of pathologically proved cryptogenic diffuse interstitial pulmonary fibrosis are reported.
8. Methods After surgery 28 cases of pathologically confirmed Ultrasonographic characteristics of struma ovarii were retrospectively analyzed.
9. PTTG may be an objective marker for pathologically biological behavior of lung squamous cell cancinomas.
10. Methods: MRI findings in 41 patients and pathologically proved astrocytoma were retrospectively analyzed.
11. Pathologically, all layers of the respiratory bronchiole walls were involved.
12. My conclusion: he was too pathologically mean to turn the lights on, let alone redecorate.
13. Methods : Ultrasonographic features of 46 pathologically confirmed thyroid carcinomas were analyzed retrospectively.
14. Jim Parker lost his job as a senior financial officer for a pathologically downsizing company in 1989.
15. Materials and Methods:The CT features of 70 cases with Cerebellar hemisphere tumors surgically and pathologically proved were retrospectively analysed.
16. Methods We analyzed 45 CT findings of ovarian cystadenoma and ovarian cystadenocarcinoma in 37 patients that surgically and pathologically proved.
17. Methods:A retrospective search of 48 cases who were diagnosed pathologically as primary malignant retroperitoneal lymphoma during 1995-2005 in our hospital.
18. Reduced numbers of argyrophilic neurons and vacuolar degeneration of axons were demonstrated at the myenteric plexus pathologically.
19. Materials and Methods MRI findings in 33 patients with pathologically proved parasagittal and parafalx meningiomas were analyzed.
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20. Methods CT appearances of 44 cases of lymphangioma proved surgically and pathologically were analyzed retrospectively.
21. Methods: 100 cases of ovary gonad interstitial tumor and thecoma were clinically and pathologically analysed, retrospectively.
22. Materials and Methods CT findings in 25 cases with pathologically proved PRN were retrospectively analyzed.
23. Biliary cystadenoma and cystadenocarcinoma are rare biliary ductal neoplasms, usually intrahepatic in location, characterized pathologically by a multilocular cystic lesion.
24. Methods: Molybdenum target radiographic signs in 42 cases with scB proved pathologically and were retrospectively analyzed.
25. A total of 187 patients with face tumors proved pathologically from Air Force General Hospital were diagnosed with naked eyes, Polari-light dermoscopy(DP) and soakage dermoscopy(DS) respectively.
26. Results All the 76 cases underwent radical nephrectomy through oblique incision in the lumbus. The excised tumors were pathologically confirmed to be clear cell carcinoma.
27. PTEN protein may be an objective marker for determination of pathologically biological behavior of breast carcinoma.
28. Methods Through the two cases of Fetal malformation gastroschisis what is found by ultrasound and confirmed by pathologically, to explore the clinical significance of ultrasound diagnosis.
29. Methods HRCT images and clinical date of 11 patients pathologically confirmed lymphangioleiomyomatosis were retrospectively analyzed.
30. Methods CT findings of 16 cases operationally - and pathologically - proved lacrimal tumors were analyzed.
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