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Nitride in a sentence

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Sentence count:76Posted:2017-11-07Updated:2017-11-07
Similar words: nitricnitritenitrous oxidestridenitrogen oxidetridentastridenitrificationMeaning: ['naɪtraɪd]  n. a compound containing nitrogen and a more electropositive element (such as phosphorus or a metal). 
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1 all-steel heating cup and silicon nitride heating system.
2 Silicon nitride is a kind of excellent ceramic material.
3 The nitride on oxide layers remains intact.
4 Alternative cubic boron nitride cutting tools.
5 Chromium nitride is produced in much the same way.
6 A new kind of boron nitride based shell mold used for investment casting titanium alloys was fabricated and the reaction between it and Ti -Ni alloy was investigated.
7 Reoxidation of the polysilicon sidewall prior to silicon nitride spacer formation exacerbates the undercut.
8 This equipment adopts the titanium nitride metal mixing techs forming ion gold membrane with good abrasion resistance, therefore it fits for various top-grade decorating membrane.
9 Double-layer transparent films, silicon nitride and silicon dioxide can be used as antireflection coating on silicon PIN photodetector.
10 CBN ( cubic boron nitride ) grits surface were processed with sensitizing solution and activating solutions.
11 Silicon Nitride is anti - magnetic and resistant to corrosion by most substances.
12 The process of preparation of vanadium nitride by reduction and nitrogenization pro2 cess is theoretically analyzed and experimentally discussed.
13 All - steel heating cup and silicon nitride heating system.
14 A silicon nitride film may comprise an initiation layer formed in the absence of a hydrogen gas flow, underlying a high stress nitride layer formed in the presence of a hydrogen gas flow.
15 The foundry's capabilities include monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) and other devices based on two compound semiconductor materials — gallium arsenide and gallium nitride.
16 In order to improve impressibility of the oil for antioxidant, it should be down that increasing refining extent, deeper removing aromatics, colloid, and nitride and decreasing sulfide content.
17 Provided is a method of efficiently and strongly joining ceramics even when they are ceramics of extremely low dielectric loss factor, such as aluminum nitride.
18 We have a production line of organic chloride, silicide, nitride compounds and etc.
19 A entirely set of method to separate and determine solid solution boron, carbon boride, alloy elements boride, boron oxide and boron nitride in low boron steel is established.
20 With very low loss at high frequency, alumina(96%, 99%), beryllium oxide(BeO)and aluminium nitride(AlN)ceramics are excellent substrates for microwave and RF circuits.
21 Such as: synthetic industrial diamond powder and cubic boron nitride ; grinding wheels and cutting discs, etc.
22 The multilayer film is formed through two processes of nitride deposition and metal-layer deposition which are carried out repeatedly and alternatively.
23 The attenuation of water window soft X rays through a silicon nitride film,( air and water contained in samples was calculated using the experimental data.
24 This dissertation investigates the growth and characteristics of Zn-doped Indium nitride alloys on (0001) Sapphire substrate by RF reactive magnetron sputtering.
25 The invention realizes the normal-pressure low-temperature rapid-firing sintering of the silicon nitride heating element.
26 This paper described the design mind and support technology and system principle of the control protection system of nuclear criticality safety experiment facility for nitride uranium solution.
27 This paper . re - views the principle, development and research status guo of microwave processing of nitride ceramics.
28 The catalysts on studying can divide into two kinds: the transition metal bifunctional catalysts and the nitride, carbide and oxycarbide catalysts of transition metals.
29 Burning magnesium reacts with nitrogen gas to give solid magnesium nitride.
30 We described in the paper a new type of polishing pill manufactured by using a rensentlysynthesized superhard ceramic powders of wurtzite-type boron nitride (WBN).
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