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Vitriol in a sentence

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Similar words: vitriolicin vitrocoriolis effectpatriotcompatriothistrionicpatriotismillustriousMeaning: ['vɪtrɪəl]  n. 1. (H2SO4) a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide; widely used in the chemical industry 2. abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will. v. 1. expose to the effects of vitriol or injure with vitriol 2. subject to bitter verbal abuse. 
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1) His attack on the government was pure vitriol.
2) The vitriol he hurled at members of the press knew no bounds.
3) We write vitriol about each other in our newspapers.
4) As the morning wore on the level of vitriol rose.
5) He has been no stranger to controversy and vitriol during a tumultuous political career.
6) The paper studies magnetic separation according to vitriol calcigenous process mineralogy and substance for integrate utilize.
7) The paper studies grinding classification according to vitriol calcigenous process mineralogy and substance for integrate utilize.
8) He is a writer who has often been criticized by the press but never before with such vitriol.
9) It was a sort of devil's crucible, giving off poisonous fumes, just like a bowl of vitriol.
10) They are women the age of grandmothers, gray-haired and with quavering voices,[] but whose remarks are full of vitriol.
11) Townshend was said to be quietly delighted to still inspire such vitriol.
12) It is reported that fusel oil can be used for synthesising mixing esters mainly inclusding amyl acetate when it is heated and back-flowed with Catalyst oil of vitriol or canon exchange resin.
13) Methods: The content of polysaccharides was detected by phenol - vitriol colorimetry method.
14) Introduction is given to modification of conventional contaminated acid neutralizing system so as to produce zinc vitriol, copper sulphate and crude cadmium and recover cobalt residue.
15) Production technics of producing manganese sulphate, aluminum sulphate, zinc sulphate and ferric oxide series paint using the waste vitriol and byproduct in titanium dioxide production are introduced.
16) The corrosion behavior of sintered NdFeB in acid, acid, vitriol, phosphate and acid was studied.
17) After completion of laconic epistolary compositions she abandoned the implement of calligraphy in the encaustic pigment, exposed to the corrosive action of copperas , green vitriol and nutgall.
18) Phenylalanine is not easy to nitrify, so it is necessary to add in a little vitriol oil.
19) This shift from his predecessors'unconditional approach has unleashed a stream of vitriol from the North.
20) This method involves using the glacial acetic acid as a catalyst, adding the litharge in aqueous medium and adding a quantity of oil of vitriol to yield lead sulfate.
21) The powdery polyphosphate ferric sulfate was prepared from iron vitriol, the byproduct in titanium pigment production by sulfuric acid process, and complex oxidant.
22) Simply, the hydrate is a compound containing water molecules and secondary school textbooks mentioned on the alum, gypsum, and blue vitriol , are the most famous hydrate.
23) The result also shows that the hurt of chromium chloride was heavier than that of manganese vitriol to oocyte.
24) The campaigns of President Adams, aFederalist, and Democrat-Republican Jefferson, the sitting Vice President and astates' rights advocate, introduced vitriol to presidential politics.
25) Organic phosphorus was turned into phosphoric acid by oxidation in dense vitriol and nitric acid.
26) It is pointed that with the increase of current density, the sulfur transfer ratio of regeneration liquor and the vitriol concentrating ratio will go up while the current efficiency will fall down.
27) The polyanionic membrane material was synthesized with alcohol ( PVA ) and vitriol as raw materials via ultrasonic.
28) Mixed messages are still coming out of Washington; but the vitriol has gone.
29) Introduced the United States a few be engaged in market vitriol domestic and internationally investigate company.
30) Need to clean it with the liquor of oil of vitriol and the cadmium acid kalium when you first clean , and must clean over five times from inner to exterior.
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