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Nitrite in a sentence

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Sentence count:106Posted:2017-09-06Updated:2017-09-06
Similar words: nitrictritecontritelast ritestritenessThe last ritesnitratenitrogenMeaning: ['naɪtraɪt]  n. the radical -NO2 or any compound containing it (such as a salt or ester of nitrous acid). 
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1. The outlet can contain nitrite or hydrogen sulphide.
2. Sodium nitrite is dissolved in distilled water and diluted to volume.
3. The safety of nitrite used in the curing mixture has been under question.
4. Without oxygen Biological filtration ceases leading to increase in Ammonia/Nitrite levels.
5. Nitrite affects the fish by binding with the blood and preventing it carrying as much oxygen as normal.
6. The test for ammonia and nitrite shows perfect conditions every time, and disease and fish fatalities are rare.
7. Use of Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate test-kits will give you an accurate measure of how effective your bacterial filtration is.
8. Alkyl halides are reacted with sodium nitrite.
9. Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Chloride, Orthophosphate, Total Phosphorus, Sulphate, Nitrogen.
10. Instead of silver nitrite mercuric nitrite may be used.
11. Method:Nitrite was determined by oscillopolarography.
12. Nitrite is used as a food additive.
13. Nitrite can be removed by adding enough ammonium sulfamate.
14. Known as saltpeter, nitrite, a white opaque crystalloid like salt, is consisted of Sodium nitrite and potassium nitrite.
15. Ethyl nitrite and 2 - butanone are condensed to give diacetyl monooxime, which canbe hydrolysed to form diacetyl.
16. The speed trend of cleaning nitrite and blocking synthesis of nitrosamine by four natural plant compositions were different each other.
17. It is discovered that nitrite, diazo compound and 2-naphthalin-1-sulfonic intensively disturb the determination of anilin.
18. The reaction of magenta and nitrite in sulfuric acid medium was studied.
19. We tested the pond water and discovered dangerous levels of nitrite.
20. Ammonia is the toxic waste produced by the fish and this is initially bacterially broken down to nitrite in your filtration system.
21. Changes can be reduced by good filtration, which will remove ammonia and nitrite,[Sentencedict] and even nitrate.
22. Careful monitoring with a test kit will enable rapid detection of raised ammonia or nitrite levels.
23. While you do this, monitor the water for ammonia, nitrite and dissolved oxygen.
24. It would be an idea to test the pond water for ammonia and nitrite when you restock with fish.
25. A novel fluorescence probe, 3 - ( 4 - aminophenyl ) indolizine - 1 - carboxymethyl ( API ) has been developed for the determination of trace nitrite.
26. The result showed that both the rates of interdicting Nitrosamine and elimination of Nitrite could reach up to 90%.
27. A new spectrophotometric method for the determination of trace nitrite is studied. The method is based on the nitrosation reaction of xylene cyanol FF with nitrite in diluted hydrochloric acid medium.
28. METHOD:The error back propagation(BP) method of artificial neural network has been used to determinate benzalkonium bromide and sodium nitrite without separating them.
29. With the inhibition of nitrobacteria, a route of nitration over nitrite realized.
30. The rate of nitrosation could exceed 50% by reducing the concentration of DO and increasing the NH_3-N concentration of the influent, but this way could not keep a steady rate of nitrite accumulation.
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