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Neurosis in a sentence

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Synonym: neuroticismpsychoneurosisSimilar words: neuroticneurobiologyeastern europeneuralEuropeanentrepreneurerosionosmosisMeaning: [‚nʊ'rəʊsɪs /‚njʊ-]  n. a mental or personality disturbance not attributable to any known neurological or organic dysfunction. 
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31. Objective To summarize the treatment and nursing of venereal neurosis.
32. ResultsPsychological nursing could decrease the time in hospital in patient with neurosis except somatoform disorders other than hypochondriasis .
33. So what we think of as fate, is just two neurosis knowing they're a perfect match.
33. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
34. Method 40 cases of schizophrenia, 40 cases of affective disorders, 40 cases of neurosis and 40 normals were investigated by structural prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia.
35. Objective To evaluate the effect of clozapine and a antidepressant in the treatment of hypochondriacal neurosis.
36. ConclusionTrazodone is a safe and efficient drug for anxiety neurosis.
37. Methods The effects of psychological nursing on neurosis were analysed retrospectively.
38. This kind of expression does not belong to hypochondriasis sex neurosis.
39. Objective To study effect of psychotherapy of hypochondriacal neurosis on psychology and physical rehabilitation.
40. Neurosis essentially consists of stupid behavior by non - stupid people.
41. A teenager comes tothe office for treatment of anxiety neurosis; it soon becomes obvious that itis not so much the teenager who is sick as his family, with an abusive fatherand alcoholic mother.
42. Whatever they said , she could see no signs of a " neurosis. "
43. In the past, angioedema was referred to by the term angioneurotic edema , which wrongly implied that the phenomenon was due to neurosis .
44. With the developement of rating scales for mental health, the study of psychological characteristic in anxiety neurosis has also been improving.
45. Heart rate variability is an index which reflex the function of cardiac autonomic nervous system, thus it can be used on the study of psychophysiological response of patients with anxiety neurosis.
46. OBJECTIVE To discuss the neurosis patient in the county-level city community service of mental hygiene behavior of seeking doctor's help and the characteristic of influencing factor.
47. For example: Angina Pectoris, Cardiac Neurosis, Congestive Heart failure and Heart Palpitations.
48. Include to weigh obstacle of arrearage of development of sexual mental disease, neurosis, spirit and character.
49. Obsessive neurosis is one of three kinds of neurosis, which are obsessive neurosis, hysteria and phobic neurosis, of Freud's study.
50. Your Oedipal complex is written all over your soul — such a petty neurosis.
51. This kind medicaments is had mix undisturbedly fight angst action, can use at insomnious disease, this medicine basically is used at the nervous angst condition of neurosis.
52. Objective:To investigate the characteristics of quantitative sensory test(QST) in anxiety neurosis patients and to evaluate the effect of anti-anxiety treatment.
53. Horney s neurosis theory is about the unhealthy development of becoming alienated from real self which is the foundation of her neurosis theory.
54. Objective To compare the efficacy and safety of citalopram in the treatment of anxiety neurosis .
55. It doesn't make the job any easier to second-guess yourself into a state of neurosis (something perfectionists do quite often) or to make blind decisions.
56. Anxiety disorder, also known as anxiety neurosis, is generalized anxiety disorder (chronic anxiety disorders) and the onset of panic status (acute anxiety) as the main clinical manifestations.
57. Neurasthenia is a kind of mental illness, is a kind of mental easily excited and mental fatigue easily, often emotional troubles and physical symptoms of psychological disorder neurosis.
58. In that city there is neurosis in the air which the inhabitants mistake for energy.
59. Otherwise, you will simply succeed in making people desire fruitlessly;and for Freud, to desire fruitlessly is to fall ill of neurosis.
60. Horney believed that the motive structure of neurosis was the basic anxiety, which originally came from the contradiction of social culture and the dissonance of the interpersonal relation.
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