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That in a sentence

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Sentence count:158+71 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-15Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: thisSimilar words: all thatthat isso thatsee thatnow thatat thatand thatin thatMeaning: [ðæt; ðət]  pron.1. (used to indicate a person, thing, idea, state, event, time, remark, etc., as pointed out or present, mentioned before, supposed to be understood, or by way of emphasis): That is her mother. After that we saw each other. 2. (used to indicate one of two or more persons, things, etc., already mentioned, referring to the one more remote in place, time, or thought; opposed to this): This is my sister and that's my cousin. 3. (used to indicate one of two or more persons, things, etc., already mentioned, implying a contrast or contradistinction; opposed to this): This suit fits better than that. 4. (used as the subject or object of a relative clause, esp. one defining or restricting the antecedent, sometimes replaceable by who, whom, or which): the horse that he bought. 5. (used as the object of a preposition, with the preposition standing at the end of a relative clause): the farm that I spoke of. 6. (used in various special or elliptical constructions): fool that he is. 7. at that, a. in spite of something; nevertheless: Although perhaps too elaborate, it seemed like a good plan at that. b. in addition; besides: It was a long wait, and an exasperating one at that. 8. that is, (by way of explanation, clarification, or an example); more accurately: I read the book, that is, I read most of it. Also, that is to say. 9. that's that, Informal. there is no more to be said or done; that is finished: I'm not going, and that's that! 10. with that, following that; thereupon: With that, he turned on his heel and fled. adj. 11. (used to indicate a person, place, thing, or degree as indicated, mentioned before, present, or as well-known or characteristic): That woman is her mother. Those little mannerisms of hers make me sick. 12. (used to indicate the more remote in time, place, or thought of two persons, things, etc., already mentioned; opposed to this): This room is his and that one is mine. 13. (used to imply mere contradistinction; opposed to this): not this house, but that one. 14. that way, Informal. in love or very fond of (usually fol. by about or for): The star and the director are that way. I'm that way about coffee. adv. 15. (used with adjectives and adverbs of quantity or extent) to the extent or degree indicated: that much; The fish was that big. 16. to a great extent or degree; very: It's not that important. 17. Dial. (used to modify an adjective or another adverb) to such an extent: He was that weak he could hardly stand. conj. 18. (used to introduce a subordinate clause as the subject or object of the principal verb or as the necessary complement to a statement made, or a clause expressing cause or reason, purpose or aim, result or consequence, etc.): I'm sure that you'll like it. That he will come is certain. Hold it up so that everyone can see it. 19. (used elliptically to introduce an exclamation expressing desire, a wish, surprise, indignation, or other strong feeling): Oh, that I had never been born!. 
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1, He that will thrive must rise at five. 
2, A horse stumbles that has four legs. 
3, He that fears death lives not. 
4, He that nothing questions nothing learns. 
5, He that spares the bad injures the good. 
6, He that goes to bed thirsty rises healthy. 
7, He that will swear, will lie. 
8, A young man married is a man that’s marred. 
9, A long dispute means that both parties are wrong. 
10, He that liveth wickedly can hardly die honestly. 
11, The bough that bears most,[] hangs lowest. 
12, It is a good workman that never blunders. (918). 
13, All is fish that comes to his net. 
14, He that returns good for evil obtains the victory. 
15, He that doth most at once doth least. 
16, It's a poor mouse that has only on hole. 
17, He is lifeless that is faultless. 
18, It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. 
19, It's the empty can that makes the most noise. 
20, He is wise that knows when he’s well enough. 
21, All are not merry that dance lightly. 
22, All is not gold that glitters. 
23, He that fears every bush must never go a-birding. 
24, He that once deceived is never suspected. 
25, He that boasts of his knowledge proclaims his ignorance. 
26, Dogs that run after many hares kill none. 
27, It is a long lane that has no turning. 
28, It is love that makes the world go round. 
29, He that is angry is seldom at ease. 
30, Merry is he that hath nought to lose. 
More similar words: all thatthat isso thatsee thatnow thatat thatand thatin thatonly thatand all thatseeing thatin order thatthat is to sayat that timehatwhatbut whatthanlaugh atthankat handsomewhatthanksother thanwhat is morewhatsoeverrather thanthanks tono less thanno more than
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