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Mass culture in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-03-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: cultureculturedmonocultureagricultureaquaculturehorticulturemulticulturalculturalMeaning: n. the culture that is widely disseminated via the mass media. 
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1. Mass culture turns audiences into passive consumers, their participation limited to the choice between buying and not buying.
2. These values will mediate the impact of mass culture.
3. Modern electronic technologies promote radical individualism, and mass culture controls national leaders much more than national leaders control the mass culture.
4. Negativland is out to liberate mass culture from the hands of commerce.
5. Province, on two occasions as mass culture advanced collectives.
6. Mass culture begins to develop rapidly from the day of emerging.
7. Mass culture in china arose late, but its tendency is very powerful.
8. Mass culture to flourish in 2003, painting and calligraphy exhibition organized Puqi.
9. Like this, Chinese mass culture research will have vaster foreground.
10. Mass culture also seemed to blur social distinctions, override nation-state boundaries, and spread the capitalist marketplace.
11. Screening Out the Past: The Birth of Mass Culture and the Motion Picture Industry . 1980.
12. In section one introduce critical theories of mass culture of Frankfurt school briefly.
13. The forms of culture are divided into mass culture, elegant culture and dominant culture.
14. Therefore, mass culture is the world full of shining stars.
15. Essentially, mass culture means raising the cultural level of the peasants.
16. This provides gratifying experiences and enlightenment to our mass culture construction.
17. Fromthe angle of mass culture, there certainly are many common points between them.
18. A film is a mass culture, which contains thinking, artistic and commercial senses.
19. Carry out various forms of mass culture, sports and activities to build spiritual civilization.
20. Mass culture is supposedly a leveler and globalizer - by definition, we all share mass cultural references.
21. A film is a mass culture thinking, artistic and commercial senses.
22. Gramsci also acknowledged the dynamism of bourgeois individualism, but advocated a redirection of that energy to mass culture.
23. In chapter 9, this will be reviewed in relation to the earlier critique of mass culture.
24. It is hard to see why these considerations should have changed under mass culture.
25. There are two particular knowledge systems that attract the attention of critical theory: science and mass culture.
26. The body narrative of New Metropolis Novels' has embodied two tendencies,(Sentence dictionary) anti- intellectualism and hedonism under the common function of consumerism and mass culture since 1990's.
27. As the result of the joint function with economy change, desalinate of culture ideology and the rapid development of electronic intermediate, mass culture has sprung up.
28. The change of her views actually reflects the inherent contradiction of mass culture:between fighting and tameness, seriousness and anti-intellectualism.
29. With the effect of cultural critical theory of Frankfurt School, the scholars mainly take a skeptical, disdainful and deniable attitude to the early mass culture in China.
30. The enlightenment of contemporary China is facing some legal queries on post-modern trend of thought, mass culture and revivalism.
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